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Open Championship: Brandel Chamblee and Eamon Lynch exchange humorous jabs

A little harmless taunting has never harmed anyone, at least in jest. Brandel Chamblee and Eamon Lynch demonstrated this by trading insults on Twitter prior to the 151st Open Championship.Lynch fired the first salvo by posting a photo of Chamblee alongside the Claret Jug.

“Hoping he doesn’t choke during ‘Live From the Open’ due to the stress that comes with unfamiliar proximity to the trophy,” Lynch tweeted.

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Lynch aimed for the throat with this caption. Chamblee has one PGA Tour victory but four runner-up finishes in his career. In 370 attempts, he achieved two third-place finishes, 11 top-five finishes, and 25 top-ten finishes. Chamblee only made the mark 188 times, or roughly half the time.

He hopes he doesn’t choke during “Live From the Open” due to the tension of being unfamiliar with the trophy’s location.

17 July.—Eamon Lynch (@eamonlynch)

In major tournaments, Chamblee’s highest finish was T18 at the 1999 Masters. His highest Open Championship finish was a T62 in 2001. Chamblee never participated in the PGA Championship, and his highest U.S. Open finish was T44 in 2001.

Lynch’s caption about Chamblee falling short of major championships is accurate. It is a potent insult, but Chamblee may have won this battle of trash talk.

I’ll use your resolve when I see how you’re handling the anxiety that comes from not being familiar with a salad.

17 July 2023: Brandel Chamblee (@chambleebrandel)

Chamblee tweeted a photo of Lynch with his own caption.

“I’ll be channeling your resolve as I observe you deal with the anxiety caused by your unfamiliar proximity to a salad,” said Chamblee.

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Lynch fired a shot, but it was insufficient to prevent his target from retaliating. Chamblee delivered the knockout blow, swiftly silencing Lynch. Hopefully, this is just two pals joking around, and Chamblee will not have to add another enemy to his list.




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