Pallbearers in Ghana – Ghana Pallbearers: all questions well explained

Pallbearers in Ghana – Ghana Pallbearers: all questions well explained

Dancing Pallbearers in Ghana

Known by various names including Naching Palphiers, Dancing Coffin, Coffin Dancers and Coffin Dance Memes, a group of Ghanaian coffin bearers who are located in the coastal town of Prampram in the Greater Accra region of southern Ghana, perform well across the country as well as internationally.

They are locally called Nana Otafriza Palbaring and Waiting Service or Dada Au.

The group first drew worldwide attention in 2013 in a BBC report. In March 2020, the videos were linked to Tony Egger’s EDM song “Astronomia” and failed to gain popularity in editions.

 In late 2020, US President Donald Trump shared a remix video of a coffin dance on his official Facebook page, mocking the controversial remarks of Democratic rival Joe Biden. The footage was also part of a meme following the COVID-19 epidemic in early 2020 on the Internet.

Origin of Ghana Pallbearers

The dance pallbearers were led by Benjamin Aidu, who started the group as a regular porter service. He later came up with the idea of ​​associating choreography with their polished work. There is an additional charge for dancing with caskets at a janaza.

In 2013, a BBC News report showed that the dancing pallbearers first rose to prominence in the third video, in which coffin holders accidentally dropped coffins while dancing, posted by Facebook user BigScout Nana Prompeth premiered on May 2, 2019, and more than 2,900 in one year.

The response has gained 4,600 shares and 350,000 views and has been uploaded to YouTube where it has received over 725,000 views.


How To Choose Pallbearers For Your Funeral

Porters help carry caskets or accessories during funerals. Beers are only suitable if there is a casket available for the service, which means they are not usually part of the memorial.

When Pallbearers Are Appropriate

If you plan to have an open casket at your funeral, the casket will already be installed by the funeral home staff at the funeral home. If there is a closed casket at the janaza, it is customary for the carriers to bring the casket home and remove the casket from the place after the service. If buried in the cemetery after the service, the holders can again transport or escort the crest from the hearing to the grave.

Who Can Be A Pallbearer in Ghana

Carriers can be male or female and can often be family members or close friends. Dition Typically, a janaza has six carriers, as a coffin usually has six handles (three on each side), although a coffin often has two handles on the front and back, allowing eight carriers.

Carriers are usually family members and close friends. Siblings, adult children, adult grandchildren, nieces and nephews, close friends and colleagues are common choices for careers. However, anyone can act as a porter. Your careers may be the same people you have chosen to participate in the service in other ways (such as praise or teaching people) or you may choose people who are important to you but who will not talk to the service


How To Choose Pallbearers in Ghana

Having a career is often seen as an honour. When choosing your careers, consider whether you want to receive this honour, but also consider those who may not have a sensitive way to attend a janaza for this work.

In most cases the coffin needs to be carried physically to be a carrier, you may want to consider choosing people who can support the weight. (If you choose someone as your casket carrier and you do not believe that he or she can physically carry the casket, consider that person as the “honorary carrier” described below.)

Talk to the people you see as a career so that you want them to take part. You may want to explain what the role is and why you are asking the person to participate. If you have doubts about a person’s ability to play a role, you can address these concerns.

Honorary Pallbearers in Ghana

You may want to consider telling your family about the people you want to serve as porters. At your funeral, you can easily follow your wishes by letting your family know who you want to be a coolie. Also, by making this decision for your family, they can be relieved of any pressure to choose who will take care of your family.


FAQs about Pallbearers in Ghana

Pallbearers in Ghana – Ghana Pallbearers: all question well explained
Pallbearers in Ghana – Ghana Pallbearers: all question well explained
What are Ghana pallbearers?

Pallbearers are well known for lifting the state at funerals in Ghana with flamboyant dances carrying-coffin. Families are increasingly paying for his or her services to send their loved ones off a la mode.


Who are typically Ghana pallbearers?

Pallbearers are usually close relations and friends. Which can be

  1. Siblings,
  2. adult
  3. children,
  4. grown grandchildren,
  5. nieces and nephews,
  6. close friends, and
  7. colleagues

Are all common choices for pallbearers, However, anyone can function a pallbearer.


How much do coffin dancers cost?

Professional pallbearers will march, or maybe dance, caskets to the grave at some funeral homes. Some charge the maximum amount like $1,400, or more, for the flamboyant perk. Others provide it away for free of charge, as to how to one-up the competition.


Why do pallbearers carry casket on shoulders?

While within the UK and Ireland, pallbearers carry the casket on their shoulders—the casket handles are wont to help lift the casket out of the hearse or funeral car and to help in lifting the casket onto the pallbearers’ shoulders.


Why do Ghanaians dance with coffin?

Many uses of this meme are commonly related to the COVID-19 pandemic, which was ongoing when the meme became popular. … In Colombia and Peru, policemen imitate the group’s dance carrying a coffin on their shoulders, encouraging the community to remain home to stem the spread of the Coronavirus.


Is Ghana safe?

For the foremost part, Ghana may be a safe country for ladies travellers. However opportunistic thieves may target lone women travellers so keep your belongings secure and remember of our surroundings. Ghana may be a Christian country, where the locals observe conservative standards of dress and behaviour.


Should immediate family be pallbearers?

Opinions differ on whether relations should be asked to be pallbearers. Some people consider it a no-no, while others are fine with including relations. It’s possible that immediate relations of the deceased, like siblings or children, could also be grieving too deeply to be tasked with this job.


How heavy maybe a coffin with a body in it?

the coffin is heavy and it ranges from around 100 – 300 pounds

The Order of Carrying the Casket

For instance, most pallbearers at a funeral service are people that are strong and young and sometimes men. this is often because the casket with a deceased inside can weigh around 100 – 300 pounds.


Why does one carry a coffin feet first?

It helps them to balance the load when they Carrying a coffin feet first. It also ensures that the person inside the coffin is carried with equivalent care and dignity that a living patient on a stretcher would be.


What’s with the dancing funeral?

Basically, the thought is to supply the deceased with a flamboyant and upbeat send-off rather than a solemn ceremony. Before proceeding with the performance, the pallbearers will still need to ask the bereaved family if they need to offer their beloved a standard funeral or a “dancing to trip” to heaven.


What is the meaning of pallbearers?

Pallbearers are an individual who helps in holding the coffin at a funeral also it could be mean a member of the escort or guard of honour of the coffin who doesn’t actually help to hold it.


Can you have 4 Pallbearers?

Both men and ladies are often pallbearers, and lots of people often choose either relations or close friends of the deceased to hold the coffin. Traditionally, there are four to 6 pallbearers at a funeral, counting on the load of the coffin.


Can a lady be a pallbearer?

Traditionally, men are seen as pallbearers. But, to answer the question within the title, yes, women do the work also. This all depends on the discretion of the relations, or in some instances, supported who will volunteer for the duty.


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