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PharmAccess and HeFRA recognize SafeCare assessors and hospitals.

The Health Facilities Regulatory Agency (HeFRA) has commended the Christian Health Association of Ghana (CHAG) for its unwavering dedication to improving the provision of healthcare throughout the nation.

Dr. Philip Bannor made this commendation during the inaugural SafeCare quality improvement awards ceremony, which was organized by PharmAccess Ghana, SafeCare, and HeFRA.

Dr. Bannor emphasized the significance of the partnership with SafeCare in advancing the agency’s efforts to reduce medical errors and increase the quality of healthcare services.

He emphasized that such advancements would substantially reduce hospital-acquired infections, incorrect diagnoses, and readmission rates.

In addition to providing HeFRA with access to an international partner, the collaboration with SafeCare validates the accreditation of healthcare facilities under its jurisdiction.

Dr. Bannor praised CHAG’s participation in the SafeCare quality improvement program for its extraordinary efforts to improve healthcare quality.

During the award ceremony, eight healthcare facilities and organizations were recognized for their significant progress in implementing systems and processes to drive improvement, and seven individuals were recognized for their commitment to promoting and facilitating quality improvement in various healthcare networks in Ghana.

Dr. James Duah, the Deputy Executive Director of CHAG, was among the recipients of the prestigious SafeCare Personality of the Year award for the years 2021-2023.

Dr. Maxwell Akwasi Antwi, Country Director for PharmAccess Ghana, emphasized the critical importance of quality healthcare, citing data revealing the alarming number of fatalities caused by substandard care in low- to middle-income countries such as Ghana.

Dr. Antwi emphasized the importance of adopting internationally recognized SafeCare Standards to improve healthcare quality and reduce preventable fatalities.

Dr. Peter Yeboah, Executive Director of CHAG, emphasized the importance of quality standards in the healthcare delivery system and praised the program’s positive impact.

He emphasized the significant progress CHAG facilities have made in attaining SafeCare Level 4 ratings, indicating their conformity with global quality standards.

Dr. Yeboah pledged to continue the SafeCare quality development journey and bring Ghana’s healthcare system up to international standards.

Overall, the awards ceremony acknowledged the collective efforts of various stakeholders in Ghana’s healthcare sector to improve patient safety and care quality.

The collaboration between HeFRA, CHAG, and SafeCare is regarded as a crucial step towards improving healthcare standards and attaining the nation’s universal healthcare objectives.

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