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Pharmacy Council shuts down all OTCMs for illegally dispensing tramadol

The Pharmacy Council has shut down an Over-the-Counter medicine (OTCM) establishment in Mamprobi-Agege for illegally dispensing tramadol to a drug dependent.

The Council issued a statement explaining the Monday closure.

Two vigilant police officers saw the addict add a substance, subsequently identified as tramadol, to his drink, which prompted an intervention.

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A formal report was submitted to the Pharmacy Council, resulting in swift enforcement action.

“Upon further interrogation, the suspect confessed to lacing his drink with tramadol and disclosed that he had obtained the drug from the aforementioned OTCM shop. “The facility’s owner displayed a defiant and uncooperative attitude during the interrogation, prompting the officers to confront him,” portions of the statement read.

In the meantime, according to the Council, the facility proprietor and her employees are scheduled to appear before the Council’s disciplinary committee.

The statement explained that they will be required to explain to the Council why they stocked and dispensed a prescription-only drug without authorization.

Here is the Council’s official statement:




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