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Please have mercy on the companies and goods we love, Amazon.

DPreview may serve as a tutorial in how to market your business.

One of the top news and review websites, Digital Photography Review (also known as DPReview), was recognized as having a strong community. It was established back in 1998, at the start of the internet, and Amazon acquired it in 2007.

Over the years, the staff was gradually replaced by independent contractors and freelancers, and Amazon canceled it in March. The business vowed to convert the website into a “archive state” so users could still read it even if no new information would be uploaded as a result of the strong criticism.

There appeared to be a chance the website would still live after Amazon very loudly proclaimed that it will shut it down. Several organizations contacted Amazon, according to my sources, to ask if they might purchase it. Despite opportunities, private equity was turned down.



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