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Police say an Oklahoma mother and her three children committed murder-suicide during supervised visitation.

A mother in Oklahoma is accused of murdering her three young children, aged 11, 6, and 10 months, and then herself during a supervised visitation at her home after a police standoff lasting several hours.

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According to a news release from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, an officer was dispatched to a residence in Verdigris, in the Tulsa metropolitan area, on Thursday because fireworks were exploding outside.

Brandy McCaslin, 39, was found barricaded inside the residence with a firearm. Three hours later, state investigators claimed they attempted to negotiate with McCaslin.

“After receiving no response, officers entered the residence and discovered McCaslin and her three children dead inside,” according to the bureau. It was determined that McCaslin fired and killed all three children before turning the gun on herself.

On Saturday, neither the State Bureau of Investigation nor the Verdigris Police Department immediately responded to a request for comment.

Police Chief Jack Shackelford told the Tulsa World that a mother dropped off one of the children at McCaslin for a supervised visit when McCaslin allegedly pointed a gun at her and took the child.

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According to the newspaper, McCaslin then confined the woman and two other children in the garage. The police superintendent told the Tulsa World that the woman was able to escape with the assistance of officers after using fireworks to attract attention to her residence.



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