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Popular Wode, a Ghanaian YouTuber Maya Jokingly Requests Return of African Artifacts from UK Museum from CNN Journalist

It is commonly known that various artifacts were taken from the countries the Europeans colonized in Africa and other regions.
However, a number of former colonial powers have been requesting the repatriation of the cultural legacies and artifacts they once owned.

The colonial rulers have not taken many actions to demonstrate their readiness to give back the original owners of the stolen African artifacts.

A CNN foreign correspondent was tasked by well-known Ghanaian YouTuber Wode Maya to retrieve African artifacts from a museum in the UK.

In a tweet, Larry Madowo claimed to have been to the British Museum, which houses many artifacts the British took from the nations they colonized, particularly Africa.

Larry shared a picture of the British Museum on his social media accounts with the remark, “went there to see things that belonged to my ancestors.”

a collage featuring Larry Madowo, the British Museum, and Wode Maya
@wode_maya and @larrymadowo are the photographers. Twitter, as a source
Twitter, as a source

Several people remarked on the post on social media. Famous Ghanaian YouTuber Wode Maya was one of them.

Wode Maya requested Larry to come back with some African artifacts in his statement.

Please take it home.” It’s not theft,” he said.

A Twitter user going by the handle @AdamGborgla questioned whether Africa has what it takes to preserve these artifacts.

“Those who desire that we return the relics home. Do you have the means to keep them under control? Were we able to care for the one person present here? Even carvings done by carpenters are rarely valued, much less ancient treasures! He declared, “We are being brainwashed.

Leading Ghanaians demand that Britain return the “stolen” artifacts from Ghana

Several well-known Ghanaians have urged the British government to return cultural artifacts and legacy that have been forcibly removed from the nation.

These people include Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, the Asantehene, and Mark Okraku Mantey, the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts, and Culture.

Swords, caps mounted in solid gold, knives set in gold and silver, bags of gold dust and nuggets, sandals and stools set in gold, carved stools mounted in silver, calabashes worked in gold and silver, among many other priceless items, were some of the items taken by the British.

Other items taken by the British included masks, and busts made of pure gold; necklaces, bracelets of gold; coral ornaments; swords; caps mounted in solid gold.

African colonial history is a topic of discussion following Queen Elizabeth’s passing.

Earlier, stated that the death of Queen Elizabeth II rekindled the debate about colonial Africa.

A few residents of British colonized nations thought it was a good opportunity to voice their worries about making amends for slavery and returning stolen artifacts that had been kept for years in London and Paris museums.

Many Africans charged her with being responsible for the crimes committed during the first ten years of her rule.



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