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Rishi Sunak or young physicians

Rishi Sunak’s trustworthiness is being put to the test (Photo: Yui Mok/Pool via Reuters)

When exactly is an offer considered to be final?

The toughest negotiators steadfastly maintain their initial stance during negotiations. That may occasionally work against their cause. But credibility is important. Does your opponent accept you as true? Are the repercussions of them refusing to compromise too severe?

About to discover out what his most obstinate foes think of him is Rishi Sunak. Do they think he will be able to endure the public outcry about NHS care in the midst of fresh junior doctor strikes? Voters’ tolerance for public transportation disruptions varies.

The Prime Minister said to unions on Thursday that his promise to raise wages for a million public sector employees was definite. There won’t be any more pay discussions. No number of strikes will persuade us otherwise that we should resume negotiations on this year’s settlements.

His ability to keep his word in the future will determine his credibility.

Nurses already feel resentful and doubt the Government’s credibility. Clap to honor caregivers? Because of the ugliness of industrial action, the “final” offer of 5% made to nurses earlier this summer is now less than what is permitted for other public sector employees.

The impact of strikes on the NHS and the certainty that, before the next general election, he’ll be back here, bogged down in another round of public-sector pay discussions, with little confidence that inflation will be trodden down by then, have the PM stuck between Scylla and Charybdis.

Who is going to blink first?



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