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Roblox will be available on Meta Quest VR devices.

Roblox is coming to Meta’s Quest VR headsets, beginning with an open beta that will be available on App Lab in the coming weeks, as announced by Meta today. This year, Roblox, a significant player in the metaverse, was rumored to become compatible with Meta Quest VR headsets.

On Quest 2 and Quest Pro, players will have access to the Quest version of Roblox. It will also function with the upcoming Quest 3 game.

Meta states that the open beta provides the Roblox developer community with the opportunity to optimize their existing games for Quest and create new VR games while receiving feedback from the Quest community.

Before Roblox’s official launch on the Meta Quest Store, developers will be able to experiment with and refine VR experiences.

“Roblox is automatically publishing some experiences that use default player scripts to support VR devices,” wrote Meta in a blog post. “They’ve discovered that these experiences typically function well in VR without modification, so they’re seeding the Roblox VR library with great content from the beginning.

And because Roblox is cross-platform, you can connect, play, and hang out with pals on Xbox, iOS, Android, and desktop, making VR more social than ever before.”

The announcement made today is not unexpected. During a call with investors in 2021, Roblox CEO Dave Baszucki stated that Quest makes “perfect sense for Roblox.” Baszuck’s remark suggested that the company intended to offer Roblox on the Meta Quest in the future.

Although Roblox is already compatible with multiple VR headsets, such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, players must presently connect their PC to a VR headset in order to play. The Quest version of Roblox should be significantly simpler to load and access, particularly considering that it will eventually be available for direct download from the Meta Quest Store.

Roblox on Quest will be accessible to individuals aged 13 and older. As the open beta nears, Meta intends to provide additional information.

Meta’s Quest 3 will be available this autumn for $499. The Quest 3 is $100 more expensive than its predecessor from 2020. Meta has stated that the headset is 40% thinner than the Quest 2 and incorporates high-resolution color mixed reality.

The product includes the most recent Snapdragon processor, displays with a higher resolution, and GPU performance that is doubled.



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