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Roche expedites MS medicine delivery in a crucial trial.

Patients with multiple sclerosis must frequently endure hour-long infusion sessions during which medications slowly trickle into their bloodstream in order to delay or stop the progression of this chronic and crippling neurological condition.

However, the Swiss pharma firm Roche gave hope that this procedure can be shortened to a matter of minutes on Thursday.

The business demonstrated in a clinical trial known as OCARINA II that administering Ocrevus, a medication for some types of multiple sclerosis, as an intravenous infusion that takes hours to administer, worked just as well as the current norm.

In a press release, the business stated that it intended to submit the study’s findings to regulatory authorities and present more thorough trial results at an upcoming medical conference.

The most recent outcomes placed Roche in a position to broaden the application of a medication that is already a blockbuster and to fend off rivals.



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