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Mass exodus to small cities isn’t as a result of giant town libtards are in love with consuming at Waffle Area and buying groceries at Greenback Normal.

White liberals have proven they’d a lot quite reside subsequent door to a blue collar brazenly racist Trump supporting circle of relatives in the midst of nowhere than blacks or Mexicans.

Scott Adams makes a good and center felt remark explaining why and this Jewish totalitarian regime unpersons him.

The Rasmussen ballot itself is disastrous.

 Handiest 72% of all respondents agree that “It’s OK to be White” with best 58% strongly agreeing. 

Handiest 73% of Republicans strongly agreed! 

This presentations what many years of anti-White conditioning have completed. 

The excuse that “It’s OK to be White” is classed as hate through the ADL makes it no higher. 

Why does this Jewish energy staff get to make a decision that for everybody, even non-Jews?

If 28% of other people within the nation disagree that current as a White individual is okay, that may be a crisis for White other people. 

That implies that 1 in 4 other people this nation hate us, and possibly assume discrimination or even violence towards Whites is okay.

This holds true for people that disagree with the commentary according to figuring out that it’s categorized as a hate commentary through Jews, since they’re much more likely to be politically conscious and feature a concept out hate stance towards Whites.

Conservative makes an attempt to spin this as just right information are inexcusable and a shitty try to bolster “anti-wokeness” which is simply any other type of anti-whiteness.


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