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Shared volume control has been added to Spotify’s group listening function.

Shared volume control, a new feature that allows users to modify a song’s level if they’re sharing a suitable speaker with the host, is part of Spotify’s effort to improve its shared-queue tool, Group Session, the company revealed today.

In 2020, the Premium-only feature known as Group Session made its debut. It enables many users to simultaneously control the music being played and contribute songs to a shared playlist that the whole group may listen to.

In a group session with four or more people, volume control will be automatically deactivated, according to Spotify.

This guarantees that the host maintains control over longer listening periods, which may be advantageous when partygoers become a little unruly.

But the host can also manually turn on the toggle that reads “Let guests change volume” to restore volume control once it has been disabled.

Globally, Android and iOS devices are progressively receiving the new shared volume control capability. It works with most WiFi-enabled speakers, including Sonos and Bose, as well as Chromecast and Amazon Cast. However, Bluetooth or Apple AirPlay devices do not yet enable shared volume control.

The update is also restricted to in-person listening only. Users can typically use Group Session both in-person and remotely.



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