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Storm Warnings Have Been Issued In Southern Norway

On Monday, state meteorologists warned Norwegians to prepare for the heaviest rainfall in 25 years. A severe weather system nicknamed “Hans” was on its way to the region, putting the mountainous terrain between Oslo and Trondheim on literal red alert.

“This is a very serious situation,” hydrologist Trine Heggedal of the state waterways agency NVE told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) on Sunday. Alert levels ranged from yellow in the region south of Oslo to orange in the region east of Oslo to the Swedish border and westward, and to red in the majority of mountainous regions.

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Potential landslides pose the greatest threat, and not just in the most precipitous areas. The situation in Sogn og Fjordane, Mre og Romsdal, and southern Trndelag was particularly alarming.

The state railroad agency BaneNOR issued a warning that it may be necessary to close down the majority of the region’s train lines, including the Bergensbanen between Oslo and Bergen, at midnight. On Monday and Tuesday, meteorologists predicted 35 millimeters per hour of precipitation, the heaviest rainfall Norway has seen in 25 years.

To avoid anticipated inundation, residents were urged to simply remain at home, unless they reside in particularly vulnerable areas that may require evacuation. Heggedal advised postponing any preparations for hiking in the mountains.




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