Students, Parents and Teachers Tell Their Stories of Remote Learning

This article is part of our latest Learning special report, which focuses on ways that remote learning will shape the future.

From preschool to college, education continues to evolve in response to the coronavirus pandemic. In their own words, people who are living and working through this experience shared their victories, frustrations and strategies.

  • While I can’t see my friends in person, I try to call, text, video chat and D.M. them as much as I can. Krystal Karman, 12th grade, Menifee, Calif.

  • Going to school used to excite me, but sitting in front of a computer for eight hours a day does not interest me. I wish we could go back, even one day a week. Even one day a month. Even in small groups. I don’t really care. Fiona O’Toole, ninth grade, Chicago

  • My grades dropped a lot last year during remote learning. I went from having 90s to 70s. I’m not proud of it, but it’s true. Schools did not have enough time to organize themselves for this. However, this year there is a noticeable difference: In every class, there is a Zoom call for live instruction, and I feel very much more productive because of it. Dominique Sollecito, 11th grade, Queens, N.Y.

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