Taskforce To Dredge White Volta By Middle Of October

A government taskforce responsible for ending flooding has said it will start dredging the upstream section of the White Volta which will help prevent the recurrence of flooding in the Northern part of Ghana by the middle of October 2020.

“We are anticipating that anytime from middle of October, we will get back and tackle those critical areas,” the head of the taskforce, Ben Ampomah stated

A combination of the Bagre dam spillage and torrential rains have led to the death of not less than 8 persons, displacing hundreds of households and submerging farmlands.

Speaking to Citi News, Ben Ampomah, stated that the problem could be solved by desilting the basin.

He added that places they had been able to help experienced the flooding but did not lose anything valuable to the floods.

“The areas that we tackled last year did not experience the destruction of properties or loss of lives during this year’s floods. It would have been a worse scenario but for the intervention last year.”

Mr. Ampomah stated that their intent is to go and tackle the upstream parts of the northern part of the country.

He added that they do not work continuously but instead the work depends on the period and how suitable it is as they cannot work during the floods.

“It is not something we do continuously. We structure it based on the suitability of the period for us to actually do what we have to do. This year, as the floods were ongoing, we couldn’t have done the dredging,” he said.


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