Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Teachers and junior doctors to get at least a 6% pay rise, with police getting 7%

The minimum salary increases for junior doctors, police, and teachers will be 6% and 7%, respectively.

After “in full” accepting the recommendations of the pay commission, the government has confirmed that millions of public sector employees will receive pay increases of up to 7%.

Police officers will receive a 7% wage raise, while teachers will see their salaries grow by 6.5 %.

Armed forces members will receive a wage raise of 5% plus a bonus of £1,000, while junior physicians will receive a pay increase of 6% plus a bonus of £1,250.

These wage increases will be retroactive to April 2023 and be effective for the current fiscal year.

The money for the wage increases, according to John Glen, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, would be obtained through “greater efficiency and reprioritization within existing budgets.”

No additional borrowing or spending will be made to pay for the prizes, he continued, because “new borrowing is itself inflationary.”

Recent IMF estimates show that advanced nations that boosted public spending by one percentage point had a half-point increase in inflation.

“We said we would accept the results of the public,” he continued. And that is precisely what we will do with the Pay Review bodies.

“And we will do so because we are immensely proud of our top-notch public servants and owe them a debt of gratitude for their service over the last few years, including during the pandemic,” the statement continued.



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