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TechCrunch+ roundup: “the new venture normal,” cybersecurity survey, and tough love in SaaS sales

I kept track of the data for the football team at my high school.

I gave local sportswriters the stats after each game, and they were always impressed by the amount of rushing and throwing yards we gained.

Even though we won the state championship, the box scores didn’t account for the ground we lost as a result of penalties.

According to Robert Wahbe, co-founder and CEO of Highspot, “when you synthesize data at a high level, you run the risk of creating metrics I call ‘watermelons,’ figures that appear green on the surface but are actually red.

Watermelons may rot your company from the inside out if they are left on the vine for too long. They conceal underlying execution flaws.

Wahbe explains in this TC+ post that “traditional sales performance analytics are funnel-centric,” which frequently hides less-than-ideal performance on an individual basis.

He argues that “understanding this distinction and using it to make long-term changes on your team helps to create a ruggedized, agile sales team.”

Gratitude for reading

Walter Thompson, TechCrunch+ @yourprotagonist’s editorial director

Why there are valid reasons to be hopeful about cybersecurity, according to 8 VCs

Cybersecurity. Image Credits: TechCrunch/Bryce Durbin

According to Carly Page, investors who follow the industry “remain optimistic” even if cybersecurity businesses are garnering less money and “hackers are already claiming more victims than ever before.”

She spoke with eight VCs to learn more about where they look for projects and how they’ve adjusted to lower valuations:

Ten Eleven Ventures’ founder and managing general partner, Alex Doll
Battery Ventures’ Barak Schoster is a partner in the company.
Tola Capital’s managing director, Sheila Gulati
Thomvest Ventures venture partner Umesh Padval
General Partner at Tampa Bay Ventures, Andreas Calabrese
Dell Technologies Capital’s managing director, Deepak Jeevankumar
Acrew Capital’s founding partner Mark Kraynak
Scale Venture Partners partner Ariel Tseitlin
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Greetings for the new endeavor, usual

Images courtesy of Nigel Sussman
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According to information from NVCA and Pitchbook, the amount of venture capital agreements closed in the U.S. in Q2 2023 ($39.8B) was nearly the same as where we were in Q1 2020 ($39.5B).

Alex Wilhelm says in The Exchange, “While these numbers pale in comparison to the records set in 2021 and 2022, we’re at least seeing signs of settling into a new routine this year.”

VC Office Hours: How this business plan strives to advance women in technology

Bryce Durbin, photographer

Dominic-Madori Davis spoke with Naseem Sayani, co-founder and managing director of Emmeline Ventures, to find out more about how (and why) her thesis emphasizes “women founders building businesses that help other women manage their health, wealth, and environment.”

In this Q&A, Sayani examines the effects that the Roe v. Wade decision had on the field of women’s health, where she is looking for chances to invest in the “game-changing” possibilities of fintech and AI.

Do you have any advice about changing employment while holding an H-1B visa?

Bryce Durbin/TechCrunch is the source of the image.

Hello Sophie

I’ve been working for my present business on an H-1B visa for almost two years, but I want to move on to a more difficult role with a different organization.

I feel like I’m in a worse position than I was a few years ago in the job market at a time when more businesses are making layoffs.

Please help me with employment changes, moving an H-1B, and receiving support for my green card.

– Aspiring H-1B Holder

GoodBuy Gear’s $5 million Series A extension deck’s pitch deck breakdown

GoodBuy Gear, image credit (opens in a new window)

A venue for parents to sell stuff like strollers, toys, and car seats that children might outgrow rapidly is GoodBuy Gear. Streetwear enthusiasts frequent StockX, budget Balenciaga collectors at The RealReal.




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