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Tendencies And Future Steps In The Light Therapy Market

In recent years, light therapy has gained popularity and holds promise for the future of mental health. Light therapy, also referred to as photobiomodulation (PBM), employs light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to deliver light that can be assimilated by body cells.

As the co-founder of a company that offers a light therapy device, I find this technology intriguing not only for its FDA-approved use in pain management but also for its potential application in neurological conditions, particularly neurodegenerative disorders.

In recent months, we have witnessed the opening of a PBM Clinic at Massachusetts General Hospital, the exploration of light therapy devices for the treatment of “long COVID” symptoms (full disclosure: my company’s device was used in this study), numerous success stories, and the incorporation of light therapy for optimal cognitive performance into daily life.

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There are businesses that manufacture panels, belts, head devices, and whole-body mattresses with lasers and LEDs. Red light devices are now utilized by some contemporary physicians.

Until recently, PBM was primarily accessible to clinics, hospitals, and wealthy individuals due to the high cost of the machines and apparatus. Now that LED technology is becoming a more affordable option, therapy has become more accessible, and more research is being conducted on it.

The use of red light therapy for skin maintenance is currently one of the industry’s emerging trends. Dior and Lucibel have recently introduced a light therapy facial masque.

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A growing number of businesses and business executives are developing light therapy products for a variety of applications. For example, companies such as NovoTHOR provide red light therapy beds for pain relief, circulation, and other uses. My company has pioneered a device that enables researchers to customize the protocols of light therapy in order to gain a deeper understanding of its effects.

How does the future appear?

The PBM industry has never been more vibrant than it is right now. I’ve witnessed a rise in the quantity of research conducted on the subject, as well as the development of a variety of devices and the investigation of a variety of applications.

The brain is a vital organ in the human body that we still do not completely comprehend, so it is crucial that entrepreneurs in this industry find ways to protect it.

The field of light therapy necessitates a collaborative endeavor to advance knowledge of its effects and optimal applications. While PBM research shows tremendous promise, it must be replicated in a large, significant trial to increase the likelihood that a governing body will approve it for medical use. In order for light therapy products to be comparable, manufacturers should publish their product specifications so that it is simple to compare studies and stimulation protocol settings.

I can say with certainty, however, that the future appears promising.




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