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The Chevrolet Bolt, the anti-Tesla, has been Reborn With Enhanced Features

Chevrolet Bolt EV 2023 is General Motors most popular electric vehicle

The Bolt has returned from the dead. A car that is unfashionable and unpretentious, is the antithesis of the Tesla aesthetic.

In 2016, GM announced the Bolt. It was not a Model 3 automobile. There were not hordes of devoted followers, who occasionally mistake Tesla for a religion. However, it was practical. It was relatively inexpensive and had a lengthy range (certainly less expensive than a Model 3 at the time).

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However, it ultimately challenged General Motors’ mettle. A recall and battery replacement for all Bolts from 2017 to 2022 precipitated a brief existential crisis for the company. Despite this, it became GM’s best-selling EV (eclipsing the Volt) and could set a sales record this year.

The Bolt was not discontinued and was reborn.

GM discontinued the Bolt before reinstating it. I believe executives have finally received the message to cease destroying great cars.

Why? Here is probably a major reason: Eighty percent of Bolt owners remain loyal to Chevy, and nearly 70 percent of Bolt buyers are trading in a non-GM vehicle, GM reported this week.

Consumers are ecstatic that General Motors intends to continue the tradition of affordable electric vehicles.

The vehicle will continue to provide “great affordability, range, and technology,” GM announced this week.

Affordability: It is likely that the new Bolt base trim will be priced at or below the cheapest Equinox EV, which begins at approximately $30,000 USD. And if you can’t wait, you can currently purchase a 2023 Bolt EV 1LT for approximately $17,500 in California (where I reside).

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The next Bolt will be equipped with GM’s innovative Ultium battery technology. Up to 300 miles, Ultium offers enhanced dependability, horsepower, and range. Therefore, you can guarantee that the next Bolt will have a respectable range and faster charging speeds at an extremely competitive price.

The Ultifi software platform enables over-the-air software updates. Obviously, Tesla has offered this for years. Therefore, GM is catching up. As Tesla owners are aware, software updates are crucial as they can add features, enhance performance, and increase battery range.

When? GM’s announcement stated that the Bolt will be reintroduced “on an accelerated timeline.” No further information was provided. Until then, you have the 2023 Bolt, which is a good EV even in its current guise.



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