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The European regulator investigates the suicide hazards of weight-loss drugs.

Good morning, everyone, and welcome to the beginning of another work week. We hope the weekend break was restful and invigorating, as the predictable schedule of meetings and online calls has resumed. However, what can you do? The world will continue to revolve regardless of our efforts to slow it down.

So it is time to push it in a better direction. Among our efforts is the preparation of another cup of stimulation.

Today’s selection is toasted coconut. You are always welcome to join us. In the meantime, here is a new menu of morsels to peruse as you get started. We wish you a productive and meaningful day and encourage you to stay in touch.

The New York Times reports that a new shortage of a type of penicillin vital to the fight against syphilis is alarming infectious disease experts, who warn that a prolonged shortage of the drug could exacerbate the U.S. epidemic of sexually transmitted infection. In a letter sent last month, Pfizer announced a shortage of Bicillin L-A, a long-acting injectable antibiotic also known as penicillin G-benzathine.

Bicillin’s recent use as an alternative to amoxicillin, another antibiotic that has been intermittently scarce and prescribed for more common infections such as strep throat, contributed to significant increases in demand, as did the rising incidence of syphilis infections.

Bloomberg News reports that the European Medicines Agency is investigating weight loss medications manufactured by Novo Nordisk after receiving multiple reports of suicidal risk. Two instances of suicidal ideation are being investigated in relation to the medications Saxenda and Ozempic, as reported by the Icelandic Medicines Agency.

One additional case involving suicidal ideation has been reported in relation to Saxenda. The agency is investigating the potential adverse effects associated with patients who have used weight loss medications containing the active substances semaglutide or liraglutide. Wegovy, a popular weight loss drug from Novo, also contains semaglutide.

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