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The LIV Golf Armistice divides competitors at the Open

ROYAL LIVERPOOL — Jon Rahm asserts that the agreement between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf has many kinks to work out and that the locker room prior to the 2023 Open Championship is anything but tranquil.

World No. 2 Rahm, who won his second major at Augusta earlier this year, is attempting to win his third major in a field that includes players from both sides of golf’s great divide following the merger that stunned the world in June.

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The Masters champion is believed to have turned down over £100 million to join the Saudi-backed breakaway tour, and he does not regret his decision.

“We all had the opportunity to go to LIV and take the money, but we chose to stay on the PGA Tour,” Rahm explained.

What I do already provides me with a remarkable livelihood.

Before players who accepted money to join LIV can return to PGA Tour events, he believes there must be consequences for their actions.

“I believe that a sanction is warranted, but I’m not a politician, so I don’t know what. Not my responsibility,” Rahm added.

“That is the responsibility of the disciplinary board and other paid individuals.

My job is to hit the golf ball as well as possible

“From what I’ve heard, they have no desire to return [to the PGA Tour].

“I can appreciate why people on the PGA Tour don’t want those players back, as well as why some of those players want to return.

There are some great events in which many people will likely want to participate again, as well as some great golf courses.

Jay Monaghan, the PGA Tour commissioner, who returned to work on Monday after a period of illness with an overloaded inbox and a daunting to-do list, will be required to make at least a portion of these crucial decisions.

Numerous PGA Tour members have privately expressed doubts about his suitability for the position after he fought, lost, and then sued for peace with LIV Golf.

Not Rahm, however.

“Jay has behaved so professionally and so well with me and my family,” said Rahm.

“I’ve seen him speak to my parents at a number of tournaments, and he’s been very kind to my family. In this regard, he is a very good individual. That is all I have to say.

Regarding what he has done for us and the PGA Tour, I believe he has performed admirably.

There are those, including Brooks Koepka, who would prefer to project the image of “happy families” in more ways than one.

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His wife, Jena Sims, is seven months pregnant, and Koepka’s priorities will shift once he becomes a father.

“Golf will undoubtedly take a back seat. My family will take precedence,’ said Koepka.

“I must manage my time in a slightly different manner, which will be fascinating. I look forward to it.”

Koepka was one of the few golfers who, when defecting to LIV Golf, did not cite the opportunity to play less and spend more time with his family as a primary reason for his decision.

“My job has nothing to do with my family,” he replied curtly when asked if the move to LIV had given him more freedom to do things like take time away from the game when his family grows to three later this year.

It has been an exciting few months just preparing for everything.

On Tuesday, Brooks Koepka addressed the press prior to the Open (Photo: Getty).

Interesting off the course as well.

Koepka added, “I anticipated [the merger] would occur. I just didn’t anticipate it happening so soon.

I believe the timing of it all was what was most unexpected.

He also appeared surprised that anyone would query whether he had lost friends during what has been the most fractious period in the history of golf since James II’s 15th-century ban on the game.

Koepka maintains that he and Rory McIlroy, the PGA Tour’s spirit leader, who insists he would retire from golf if his only option was to compete in LIV events, have patched up their differences.

“I’ve spent the last six to eight months with Rory. We continue to train together,” Koepka said.

  1. 15-2 Rory McIlroy
  2. Rickie Fowler, 25-1
  3. Tyrrell Hatton, 28-1
  4. Tom Fleetwood, 29-1
  5. Dustin Johnson, 35-1

Here is Kevin’s complete list of predictions.

“We’ve had numerous discussions. We’ve discussed a variety of topics, including life away from the golf course, and he’s shared some information with me that I’m grateful he’s shared.

“We’ve always been friends.”

McIlroy’s, Phil” remark directed at LIV’s Mickelson suggests he is reluctant to let the past be the past.

He has avoided the media this week, possibly in an effort to conserve energy after Sunday’s dramatic victory at the Scottish Open and prior to his return to the course where he won the title nine years ago.

Eventually, he will sit down and converse at length, and if Koepka is exaggerating their camaraderie for the sake of appearances, you wonder what McIlroy will have to say about it.




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