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The Presidential Election Tribunal Is Assured Of The Victory Of The PDP Forum

The Forum of People’s Democratic Party (PDP, candidates for the House of Representatives in the recently concluded general election of 2023 have expressed confidence that the party will prevail at the Presidential Elections Tribunal.

It implored party members across the nation to maintain composure as they awaited the decision of the Presidential Election Petition Court (PEPC).

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On Tuesday, the Chairman of the Forum, Engr. Ahmed Rufa’i Dagumawa made the request at a news conference held at the NUJ Press Centre in Kano State.

“As Democrats, we are urging all members of our great party, the PDP, to remain tranquil and await the verdict.

The Forum stated, “We anticipate a very positive and good verdict that will enhance the dignity of this country’s judicial system.”

Because the judiciary is the last hope of the common man, the group expressed optimism that the court would render a just verdict.

Regarding the alleged division among PDP members in the state, the Forum stated that it was unaware of any faction within the party.

As far as the group was concerned, the PDP remained an unbreakable party in the State, with its members united for the benefit of the party and the State’s citizens.




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