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The Queen of Jersey Club Dance Music

UNIIQU3 is a formidable organization. Legally known as Cherise Gary, the sound designer is best known for her Jersey Club music, which is a hybrid dance genre. Depending on the sort of club music an artist is creating, the BPM may occasionally increase from 130 to 140. Undoubtedly, this style is designed to get admirers on the dancefloor.

Gary launched her musical career as a popular club singer. Since then, she has established herself as an electrifying producer, with successes such as “micro-dosing,” “2 the Floor,” and “Unavailable.” Indeed, the New Jersey-born producer based in Newark shows no indications of slowing down.

Recently, the rapper, producer, and DJ were commissioned to remix Crystal Waters’ “100% Pure Love.” The remake commemorates the 30th anniversary of the iconic song, which will occur next April.

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Gary grew up hearing the song frequently because Waters is also from New Jersey. “100% Pure Love” was one of the first tunes she heard when she discovered the dance and house music scene, her. Her remix of the iconic song demonstrates her raucous and enduring sound.

“I wanted to incorporate a younger generation’s perspective while still paying homage to the original rendition. “It’s so difficult to remix a classic,” she adds. “I knew I had to create something for the dancefloor with this song.” [Waters] also enjoys the remix.”

Gary has also produced a remarkable music video for “Jersey Club Movie,” the first single he released in 2018. According to Gary, the purpose of the self-release was to expand her rhyming abilities. “Everyone knows that I rap and sing in addition to producing and deejaying, so I just wanted to demonstrate that in a cute way by creating a music video,” she continues.

Notably, the tastemaker moved from being involved in the underground world in which she grew up to assist in its global dissemination. Since her adolescence, she has participated in Newark’s nightlife culture, which is a pillar of the city. She characterizes the scene as something she discovered and that discovered her.

She claims that music is a means to “escape the harsh realities of living in a city with a large minority population.” Despite this, the rapper asserts that the city is culturally diverse. She is ecstatic to be one of the first women to transform the genre from a local phenomenon to a regional phenomenon, then a statewide phenomenon, and finally a global movement.

Gary has also contributed to the promotion and development of her hometown through Jersey Club music. She adds that the genre’s ability to foster a sense of community is one of the reasons people fell in love with it.

She began studying dance styles other than classical ballet after discovering her club community and being introduced to street dancing. During this time, she also mastered laptop music composition and party planning, despite being only 16 years old.

She recently deejayed the launch of Girls Who Code’s “Code Fair” for their 10-year anniversary, demonstrating that she does more than provide for her community. In addition to coding, the company has collaborated with Lizzo and Doja Cat on music videos. Gary, a millennial, claims that she has been coding her entire existence, whether through MySpace, Facebook, or the creation of websites today. Her performance at the fair felt like a “full circle moment” for her.

Gary exclaims that it’s awe-inspiring to see like-minded women receive such honors and elaborates on what it means to code today and what it means to be a woman who codes, specifically a woman of color. “I wish something similar existed when I was younger, but it was not available in my area.”

In addition, the producer has hosted and supported emerging artists on her radio program, Club Queen Radio, which airs every Tuesday on SiriusXM. Gary, who also plays hard-hitting house, techno, baile funk, and hip-hop music, believes it is essential to disseminate “good music” by emerging artists. She adds that she has previously received support from other artists on their platforms, so she intends to pay it forward.

As for what’s next for the Jersey Club global ambassador, she will host her third annual PBNJ Block Party. PBNJ, which stands for Philadelphia, Baltimore, and New Jersey, is an educational and celebratory music event that promotes club culture.

The block party, scheduled to take place on August 12 in Newark, began in 2019 as a series of monthly raves hosted in various neighborhoods.

She says that despite the fact that each event featured a distinct atmosphere, everyone was united. The PBNJ Block Party went on hiatus in 2020 and relocated to an outdoor venue the following year. The grassroots celebration will feature DJs from the surrounding area, as well as food, Red Bull-sponsored field day games, and a Red Bull lounge.

Gary says, “As a Jersey Club queen who has been promoted due to her hard work and association with Jersey Club, I want to do what good leaders do and demonstrate that [Newark] could have more so that [people’s] talents could be elevated; they deserve it.” Something entertaining for the community. I met many of my club-music-loving peers at block parties when I was growing up. This causes history to repeat itself in a novel fashion.”



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