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The “Save The Date” video features Fella Makafui and Wesley Kesse confusing Ghanaians while wearing a glittering lace dress and a suit.

The “Save The Date” video features Fella Makafui and Wesley Kesse confusing Ghanaians while wearing a glittering lace dress and a suit

With their most recent image and popular dance video, Ghanaian actors Wesley Kesse and Fella Makafui are on the rise.
Fella Makafui, a young married woman, won over her admirers with her stunning corseted lace gown and immaculate makeup.
Wesley Kesse, a TikTok celebrity, looked sharp for the picture shoot in a black suit and matching shoes.

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With their most recent photoshoot, Ghanaian actress Fella Makafui and TikToker Wesley Kesse have become internet sensations. The mother of one looked stunning in a floor-length lace dress that cinched around her waist.

The short-sleeve corseted dress was accessorized by Fella Makafui with VLOGO crystal-studded earrings from Valentino Garavani and a pricey watch. She had a frontal hairdo and beautiful makeup, and she looked stunning.

Wesley Kesse, a popular TikTok user from Ghana, wore a custom-made black jacket with black sequins and matched black pants.

The food mogul finished off his attire for the elegant photo shoot with jewelry and gleaming black shoes.
Social media users have remarked on the popular image that Wesley Kesse shared to Instagram.

Wesley Kesse and Fella Makafui demonstrate remarkable dance moves.

On the dance floor, Fella Makafui and Wesley Kesse were seen dazzling the audience with their dance moves.

copies of Fella Makafui Dr. Louisa and Jackie Appiah wear decent clothing, including a two-piece outfit with fur sleeves.

Earlier, Yolo actress Fella Makafui’s breathtaking costume during her house party on Friday, June 16, 2023, which went viral, was covered by

The actress and attractive businesswoman looked finely attired in a yellow two-piece outfit and high-end footwear.

On the video uploaded on social media by Ghanaian bloggers, some users of social media left remarks.

Letitia Wright’s Black Panther Red Carpet Outfit Is Reimagined By Wesley Kesse For The 2023 VGMA previously featured Wesley Kesse, who acted as a channel for Letitia Wright of Wakanda.

For the red carpet event, the 30-year-old wore a stunning black suit, black boots, and sunglasses.

Many social media users praised Wesley Kesse’s amazing suit that he wore to the event with a host of celebrities.



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