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The Secret to Creating a Successful Game App

Introducing a new app game is not a straightforward task. With approximately 460,000 games on the Apple App Store and 390,000 on Google Play, it is difficult to launch an app that attracts players and keeps them engaged for an extended period of time. If you’re in the process of developing an app game and want a greater chance of market success, the key is to determine what players genuinely desire.

Success Requires patience.

From concept to completion, our most recently released app game took over two years to develop. The majority of this period was devoted to coding, marketing, testing, and launching, but it all began with the most crucial phase in product development: market research.

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The significance of market research cannot be emphasized enough. Market research, if conducted correctly, will reveal what players want, how they spend money on the games they play, which features they are most likely to engage with, and a great deal more. If you want to create a game app that stands out among tens of thousands of rivals, market research should be one of your first and most time-consuming steps.

How to Determine What Your Players Want

Our team has launched countless app games, and in my experience, market research must define certain fundamental aspects of player behavior to develop a successful game. Ensure that these factors are considered when researching the market for your next game.

Examine the psychology of your market in depth.

Analyze the user characteristics of your target market, such as their gaming behavior and payment psychology, in order to design a game that meets their expectations.

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What do they gain from playing mobile app games? Is there a social relationship with the other players? Is it a feeling of mastery and purpose that comes from refining skills and monitoring progress? Is it a distraction from a difficult day?

Ask your players why they participate and what motivates them to spend money in-game. Then, design important features that appeal to their desires based on their responses.

Consider What Is Already Working.

Evaluate recently released games, focusing on those that have received positive user feedback. At Yalla, we closely monitor the newest games from other developers and our own comparable products to see what users are saying, how they’re playing, and what’s functioning exceptionally well. Then, we search for opportunities to replicate or iterate on them.

Consider features that are frequently utilized and generate revenue. The ability to transition between player-versus-player and player-versus-environment battles, live voice chat between players, and regular in-game events and challenges are some of the user-friendly features we’ve discovered.

Determine Where Your Players Play.

App games are excellent because they do not require the purchase of an expensive gaming console, making them accessible to a larger audience. We ensure that our games are available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store, allowing Android and iPhone consumers access. We aim to capture a larger portion of the market if we cast a wider net.

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If your market research reveals that the majority of your players prefer Android to Apple or vice versa, you may decide to only offer your game on one platform.

Invest Now In Market Research For Future Success.

Market research for game app development may not appear to be the most thrilling step, but the information it reveals can be invaluable. When you understand what makes your players react, why they play, and how they prefer to interact with app games, you are exponentially more likely to launch a game that delivers success.



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