The Setup That Lasted Six Years

He said that he was a son of Charles W. Robinson, known as Toto, of New Orleans and the late Julie Robinson. His father retired as an executive vice president in the family lumber business. Mr. Robinson’s mother was an artist specializing in abstract painting. Her works are on display at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital and in the collection of the New Orleans Museum of Art.

They kept in constant touch, and almost inexplicably, their relationship ground to a halt, as Mr. Robinson suddenly stopped responding, leaving Ms. Doyle to assume that Mr. Robinson was no longer interested in her, and had simply moved on.

But two weeks later, he texted her to say that he had been in a vehicle accident and was unconscious for days. When he finally emerged, and got word to her, she arranged to visit New Orleans for the first time.

The two dated long distance for three years. Then one evening in May 2019, thinking she was going to dinner with a friend at the Gramercy Tavern where she first met up with Mr. Robinson, Ms. Doyle was surprised to arrive at her table and find Mr. Robinson, who had secretly flown in and was waiting for her with a ring. He had printed an explanatory note for their fellow diners, who applauded as she said yes.

After dinner, as they walked out of the restaurant, Ms. Doyle was surprised again to find that the bar was almost entirely full of their friends and family, who Mr. Robinson had arranged to celebrate.

The were married Aug. 14 at St. Peter’s Church in Lithgow, N.Y. The Rev. Dr. Robert D. Flanagan, an Episcopal priest, performed the ceremony before 20 attendees. (The number of guests had dropped from the 150 that were originally invited to the couple’s scheduled wedding in Puglia, Italy, last month that had to be postponed because of the coronavirus.)

The couple moved to New Orleans earlier this year, where with a partner they purchased Faulkner House Books, the bookstore in the 1837 French Quarter townhouse where William Faulkner wrote his first novel, “Soldiers’ Pay.”

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