The Tantric Yoga Chakra System

The Tantric Yoga Chakra Gadget is a type that is helping us perceive ourselves on all ranges of our being. It divides us into seven layers, referred to as chakras. Every layer pertains to one in every of our elementary human instincts or qualities, as follows:-


The Root Chakra comprises our intuition for survival. It’s about money, and caring for survival wishes.

The Sacral Chakra comprises our sexual energies. It manifests as hobby, want and the urge to breed.

The Sun Plexus Chakra carries our sense of private energy. It allows you to assert your self, and specific what you wish to have.

The Middle Chakra comprises our middle energies. It’s about connection, sharing, forgiveness, agree with and love.

The Throat Chakra is the channel of self-expression. It’s about talking our fact, and being inventive.

The 3rd-eye Chakra comprises our doable for knowledge, perception, and readability of figuring out. It permits us to peer past the purely bodily realm.

The Crown Chakra is our connection to dimensions past house and time. It opens us to that which is transcendental to earthly existence.


The device comprises the 3 ranges of our nature:-


the natural instincts of survival and sexuality on the first two chakras

the human stage of private energy, love and creativity on the 3rd, fourth and 5th

the divine sides on the 6th and 7th.



As a type, it’s each complete and non-judgmental. It acknowledges our animal nature with out condemning it. It additionally acknowledges our humanity and non secular doable.




Chakras and Relationships


The Tantric Yoga chakra device presentations how the standard of {our relationships} is determined by our inside power development. In intimate relationships, we relate from quite a lot of power facilities. We would possibly want to relate in an openhearted, loving manner, but to find ourselves being insecure or controlling or unloving come what may. Relating to exact conduct, our power development will all the time override our wishful pondering. If we need to in reality relate in an openhearted manner, we need to know the way our power development recently operates, and the way we will turn into it.


Maximum of our energies are stuck up on the first 3 chakras. Those are the energies of survival, sexuality and gear. The energies of those chakras are basically self-centred. They’re serious about my wishes and wishes and desires. Once we relate from those chakras, the opposite individual turns into somebody we need to be there for us. On the identical time, they’ll be in terms of us in a similar fashion. Inevitably, a fight of wills ensues, by which each and every individual tries to get what they would like from the opposite.


Handiest after we’ve understood and grow to be relaxed with those chakras, will our power be loose to get up to, and awaken the guts. If we’re fearful about money, or hooked up to intercourse in an obsessive manner, or overly controlling and critical – our energies stay caught on the first 3 chakras. Little power is to be had to narrate from the guts, despite our easiest efforts to take action.


To become independent from of caught power patterns, we wish to know the way the primary 3 chakras function in a herbal manner, and align our ideas and behaviour with that. To surrender obsessing about money or intercourse or private energy, and be content material to easily deal with our crucial wishes on those ranges. Power is then naturally to be had to evoke the guts, and love begins to grow to be extra of a truth in our lives.


The power of affection is all about sharing. The blockages and blind spots we stock within the first 3 chakras will save you a lot of our power from achieving to and opening the guts. This is likely one of the causes {our relationships} develop into way more difficult than we think. Via following a aware means, it’s imaginable to turn into those primal energies, and transfer them upwards to evoke the guts.


The type of the chakras illustrates how this will also be carried out. The seven chakras are connected by means of a central channel and two side-channels. Thru this central channel, the energies of the decrease chakras can go with the flow upwards in opposition to the upper centres. That is the original doable that we have got as people. We will be able to turn into our primal energies of survival and sexuality into the upper states of affection and awareness.

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