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The US price of the YouTube Premium individual subscription has increased by $2

The cost of YouTube’s Premium plan for users in the US has increased from $11.99 per month to $13.99 per month, similar to many other streaming providers.

The price increase comes after a price increase for family plans in numerous nations last year. The family plan price in the US increased from $17.99 to $22.99 per month.

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The individual plan modification, which 9to5Google saw first, is currently active on the YouTube Premium page. The business hasn’t released any formal information about the lower-priced existing subscribers, either.

Google provides ad-free viewing, the option to save videos, higher-quality 1080p streaming, the ability to restart videos from where you left off, and access to YouTube Music with YouTube Premium. A lock screen feature and the ability to modify playback speed are just two of the experimental features the firm makes available to Premium members.

Additionally, Google is increasing the monthly cost of the YouTube Music package from $9.99 to $10.99. This comes after increases in subscription fees for Apple Music and Amazon Music, both of which charge the same price for their streaming services. The monthly price of Spotify’s individual subscription is still $9.99.

Rival video services, including Peacock, Paramount+, and Apple TV+, have also announced price increases in recent months. While Netflix increased its fees last year, the corporation also started to crack down on password sharing, forcing customers to upgrade their services or add another account.

YouTube is also attempting to encourage more users to subscribe to its premium plans by limiting ad blockers, for example. Additionally, it tried outputting a paywall on 4K streaming for a short time.

YouTube reported having more than 80 million members for both its Music and Premium services in November of last year. Google is taking measures to increase paid users in advance of its earnings report the following week.




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