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The victim of police brutality on the Dagomba Line had bleeding in the abdominal cavity

According to the autopsy report, Slahadeen Tafipe, the alleged victim of police brutality, perished of massive blood loss in his abdominal cavity.In addition, he suffered a ruptured spleen and blunt force trauma. The 32-year-old perished as a result of alleged police brutality at Dagomba Line in Kumasi. The murder of Slahadeen Tafipe on Sunday evening prompted some enraged youths to attack the Asawase Police Station.

After arresting a number of suspects, the police allegedly assaulted and abandoned the victim, who, according to many, was on the verge of death.

Here, he stood close to me. When we learned of the arrest, he attempted to escape but was apprehended. Immediately after he collapsed to the ground, a police officer kicked him before dragging him away. Later, I went to the location where they had left him. I then departed to notify his parents of the incident. On my way, I heard someone say, “He’s dead,” said an eyewitness.

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Infuriated by the incident, local youth followed the police to the Asawase Police Station, where they threw rocks at the station.

The juvenile smashed the window louvers, benches, and an electricity meter at the police station.

He stated that they wished for the police to return to the site to retrieve the body of the deceased, which they had left behind.

“We went to the police station to request that they retrieve the corpse they left behind here. We wanted them to come to collect him as evidence of the offense they committed,” he explained. The youth assert that this is the second time a person has been slain in a police raid.

They want the government to issue a directive to the police.

“We want the government to understand that we respect the officers, which is why we cannot fight them. We implore the government to summon them to account,” he continued. As the police investigate the incident, the bereaved family of the deceased wishes for the teen to exercise restraint.

Residents and family members shed emotions as the remains were transferred to burial grounds.




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