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Those who allege that displaced Burkinabes are being ejected from Ghana are debunked by the National Security Ministry.

The Ghana Armed Forces are allegedly driving Burkinabe refugees out of Ghana, according to media reports and publications, which have been denied by the Ministry of National Security.

According to a press release from the Ministry on Thursday, July 13, Ghana is committed to providing housing and assistance to Burkinabe nationals.

The Ghana Refugee Board and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), according to the Ministry, have set up a temporary reception center for 2,100 Burkinabe nationals who have been displaced.

“The Ministry has subsequently established a temporary reception center in the Upper East Region, capable of housing approximately 2,100 Burkinabe displaced persons. This center was established in collaboration with the Ghana Refugee Board and the UNHCR.

“At the welcome center, there are currently 530 displaced Burkinabes being housed. Furthermore, government agencies in Ghana make sure that refugees have access to free food and medical care.

Additionally, a 30-acre plot of land has been purchased as part of efforts to strengthen containment operations in order to build housing facilities for displaced people.

The National Security Ministry further stated that the present repatriation is in accordance with global standards for the treatment of refugees.

Along the Ghana-Burkina Faso border, it was stated that was put into place in cooperation with the Burkinabe Immigration Authorities.

Contrary to assertions that Burkinabe refugees are being pushed out of Ghana, a repatriation process has been put in place at the reception center to facilitate the migration of Burkinabe refugees who want to return to their homeland.

“The Government of Ghana affirms its dedication to upholding territorial integrity, peace, and stability while safeguarding the welfare of its people.

The statement also stated that “operations will be carried out in accordance with human rights, including the rights of refugees and displaced persons from neighboring countries.”



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