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Three Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools For Marketers And Copywriters And How To Use Them Effectively

Entrepreneur with 30 years of experience, achieving results through the use of technology in the marketing and sales process and serving as CEO of CRM Excellence and Fueld.

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As artificial intelligence technology continues to advance, companies and brands are seeking methods to incorporate AI into their marketing strategies. Previously, we discussed the rise of AI and how it can be applied to marketing, how to manage its ethical quandaries, and how to begin incorporating AI into your own marketing efforts. Now, I will discuss a few AI tools that can assist you with your daily duties.

How can AI be applied to marketing?

AI tools are already present in our lives and appear in a variety of forms, such as Siri and car navigation systems. Similarly, marketers can choose from a variety of tools that contribute to various marketing campaign duties.

You can use AI at every stage, from content creation to campaign enhancement. For instance:

  1. Neuroflash can assist in optimizing the SEO of your website’s content.
  2. ChatGPT can assist in automating customer service so that incoming messages are automatically responded to based on predefined protocols.
  3. Byword and JasperAI can generate high-quality content rapidly.

How do you choose the appropriate instrument for your needs?

When choosing an AI tool, you must consider both the required duties and their ethical implications. Respecting consumer privacy is of utmost importance when collecting and utilizing data; this can help ensure successful campaigns. Next, marketers must determine the particular mission that must be managed.

Here, you can select the appropriate instrument to begin work. Here are a few that I’ve found to be useful:

ChatGPT Is the Latest

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is rumored to be the next Google search. Ask any query and you get a human-like response. Even more, the chatbot can demonstrate critical thinking abilities.

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I queried ChatGPT, for instance, “What is the average increase in LinkedIn followers during a LinkedIn campaign?” It responded, “There is no definitive answer to this question, as the increase in LinkedIn followers during a LinkedIn campaign can vary widely based on factors such as the size of the company, the industry, the campaign’s objectives, the content being shared, and the target audience.” Despite being followed by a study that provides a mean percentage, this demonstrates a balanced perspective.

A web developer can also use ChatGPT’s WordPress plug-in, which comes with a detailed methodology and explanation, as well as the necessary codes.

JasperAI: The Complete Marketer

Jasper has the potential to revolutionize your complete marketing department by contributing to:

  1. Blog posts.
  2. Copywriting for SEO.
  3. Email work processes.
  4. Product descriptions.
  5. Ad campaigns.

Jasper can increase your productivity through automated duties, such as campaign management, and can support multiple languages.

HubSpot AI: A Revolution

Recently, HubSpot announced it will launch its own AI toolkit for HubSpot users, which will include the following features:

  1. A content assistant.
  2. Chat-based commands to expedite marketing and sales activities.
  3. SEO suggestions.
  4. Recording and transcription of calls.

How can you effectively collaborate with AI to create content?

My company has primarily concentrated on the use of AI for copywriters, and we’ve discovered that it doesn’t take much for AI to write a blog post. The challenge lies in entering the information.

How to Communicate as Clearly as Possible

Before deploying AI tools, marketers must provide context for written content. For instance, you will need to consider the intended audience and the desired tone.

These guidelines will help you maximize your marketing campaigns by utilizing the tool’s potent algorithms.

  1. Be specific and concise, and write prompts in a way that artificial intelligence can easily comprehend. You must be specific about what you want the AI to do and from what angle you want it to operate.
  2. Use descriptions or examples.
  3. Express your intent for the article.

For instance, a possible prompt could read, “You are an expert marketer with knowledge of Google advertising. Write a 50-word advertising text on [subject] that must [goal] for [audience] and [objective]. “The voice tone is [voice tone].”

How to Write a Blog Post in Three Steps

Now that you understand how to prepare your input, let’s use the example of writing a blog post to illustrate how AI can be used to enhance a daily task. This method can be divided into three steps:

1. Request a content strategy or outline from ChatGPT.

When considering a new topic, you can ask ChatGPT for a summary, a catalog of recent studies, suggestions for how-to articles, or a top 10 list. This data can then be used to compile a list of numerous subtopics. Feel free to tinker with the input and rephrase your queries until you discover the angle you had envisioned.

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Utilize Jasper for SEO optimization.

Next, you can copy and paste the information supplied by ChatGPT into Jasper and ask it to generate an introductory paragraph using SEO best practices and keywords.

Adjust the content as necessary.

Once you have a solid foundation, you can begin composing and incorporating your own expertise. You must also verify the veracity of any claims made by the AI tools and ensure that the suggested keywords are relevant to the topic you are writing about.

AI technology is, in conclusion, an invaluable asset for marketers. You may utilize multiple instruments in your process, but you should avoid overusing technology. By using the appropriate AI tools and adhering to best practices, marketers can remain ahead of the competition and create highly effective marketing campaigns.



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