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Tik Tok Influenced Teen’s Transgender Identity, She Claims: “I Was Struggling”

Young Ash Eskridge boldly recounted her experience as a detransitioner and blamed her early TikTok addiction for making her problem with gender identity worse.
When Ash first considered transitioning at age 13, she experienced body dissatisfaction, substance misuse, and suicidal ideation before discovering her truth.
Ash’s detransitioning provided relief from mental health difficulties while receiving criticism, emphasizing the necessity for acceptance and empathy for detransitioners.

USA-Young Ash Eskridge has discussed her struggles with very severe doubts regarding her gender, which she attributes to her 13-year-old TikTok addiction.

In a TikTok video, she proclaimed, “My name is Ash and I am a detransitioner; I want to speak the truth and I don’t care what anybody else thinks about me.”

Ash claimed that when she was growing up, she was generally content with her body; but, when she turned 13, things began to change.

“I was having a hard time and was wasting a lot of time online, mainly on TikTok, when I should have been spending it outside. Millions of videos of trans persons coming out during the time, according to the speaker.

She said, “I thought (transitioning) was what would fix me because I was so unhappy with who I was at the time) and that that was what was wrong with me.”

Ash transitions to a man.

The brunette admitted she went to great lengths to appear masculine, to the point where everyone she encountered mistook her for a boy.

When she first started transitioning, she didn’t have any problems with her body, but as time went on, she realized she needed to fit into a certain box, and as a result, she grew more and more unhappy with her appearance.

Ash battled with the idea of committing suicide and drug abuse. She began receiving testosterone treatment when she was 15 years old, and she found it really odd that no one questioned her when she received it at her first appointment.

While Ash could still pass for a woman and speak at a louder volume after taking testosterone for six months, some alterations became irreversible.

“After two years of living as a man, I realized I was mistaken. However, I didn’t come out right away; instead, I waited one year before deciding to do this, which was among the scariest things I’ve ever had to do.

“I discovered that although people are so quick to accept transgender persons, detransitioners are criticized just as quickly. All of my mental issues vanished once I detransitioned, and I’m now content, she stated.

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Muiruri noted that some moms demanded payment in order to have their daughters dance indecently during live streaming.

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