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Tima Kumkum: People gushed over the TikTok video of the radio host’s new husband serenading her during their wedding.

Using her gorgeous white gown, Ghanaian radio star Tima Kumkum married her spouse in a lovely church ceremony.

Her grin, aura, and attire were the season’s ideal bridal guides, and to top it all, her husband put on a performance at the gorgeous reception grounds with eyes exclusively for her.

Dominic Duodu, the husband of Ghanaian media sensation Tima Kumkum, demonstrates his singing talent by dedicating a lovely song to his wife.

The radio host and her husband exchanged vows in front of family and friends today, July 15, 2023.

The pair joined their families two days ago in a beautiful traditional ceremony that was attended by friends and family.

Tima Kumkum and her spouse are depicted in a collage during their wedding

Fans of Tima Kumkum on social media have been inundated with posts about her white ceremony.

Tima Kumkum’s attractive spouse posts pictures of his lovely daughter on social media.

Tima Kumkum was the epitome of beauty, from her tastefully styled updo to her stunning white beaded gown and, ultimately, to her dainty glittery shoes.

Her husband chose to sing a song to his beautiful wife to round off the day in great style.

In the video, the groom appeared grave, baring his soul and gazing deeply into Tima Kumkum’s eyes.

The group was silent as they witnessed the newlyweds’ extravagant display of affection.

Individuals respond to Tima Kumkum’s husband’s romantic song to his bride.

Many people thought the same as they enjoyed the lovely moment with Tima Kumkum and her husband. For a man to sing so deeply from his soul denotes love overflow.

First wonderful videos of Adom TV presenter Tima Kumkum’s lovely white wedding reception are released.

Tima Kumkum’s spouse publicly displays her for the first time on social media.

In other news, revealed that Tima Kumkum’s husband, Dominic Duodu, claimed his wife on social media following their engagement ceremony.

When his identity was made known on the day of their wedding, he stepped up to the plate and left a thoughtful message for his wife.

Tima Kumkum was present to receive her husband’s congratulations.

Many people praised their relaxed communication style and sent them good vibes.




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