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Top NFL quarterbacks are broken down by Joe Theismann: “I love these kids.”

Joe Theismann admits to having a quarterback addiction.

The 73-year-old retired former Super Bowl and longtime television color analyst watches today’s quarterbacks in great detail and has a profound understanding of the modern game.

Theismann spoke with SB Nation on Wednesday at the American Century Championship at the Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada, about this year’s elite class of NFL quarterbacks. He struggled to remain seated in his chair despite his enthusiasm.

Theismann said, “I love these youngsters. There are around 12 of them, and they can all get you where you need to go.

Let’s analyze Theismann’s opinions of some of the league’s most important quarterbacks.

Michael Thomas:

“There are a few reasons why Patrick is the best quarterback in today’s game. He can make any throw in a small space and is extremely imaginative and athletic.

He has a lot of looseness. He is extremely clever and acts in ways we’ve never seen before. In a sense, Pat is a video game.

He’s just entertaining. Nobody like him has ever been seen before. It helps that he was paired with Andy Reid, one of the best play callers of all time. I believe that his freshman year in 2017 when he was seated behind Alex Smith truly helped him. It’s just fun to watch him.

Mr. Joe Burrow

“Awesome. He is more like the traditional pocket quarterback. I can’t help but compare him to Tom Brady. He simply has the reins. He exudes a certain air. He’s arguably the most arrogant of the group, yet I saw it with affection.

That was the name I went by. Everyone around him starts to believe that he will make the play and win the game because he is so confident in it. And he typically arrives

Rodgers, Aaron

“I believe Aaron will find success in New York. Other quarterbacks who loved to play for new teams late in their careers have demonstrated this trend recently. He feels energized and enthusiastic about football.

I’m not denying that he was in Green Bay, but he stayed there for a very long period. I believe he will benefit from this adjustment. He’s joining a terrific team, too. I like what the Jets and Aaron can accomplish this year.

Jeremy Allen

He is a hugely talented man, but I have concerns about his judgment. Last year, a few of those interceptions on the goal line caused significant damage. Although he has a lot of skill, he will need to work on it.

The quarterback’s overall condition in the NFL:

“The AFC has roughly 7–10 really good quarterbacks, and the NFC has about 2-3. There are 90 of these players in the league, and I’d argue there is a significant drop off after the top 12.

That explains why players like Dak (Prescott) and Daniel Jones have such large contracts.

They are competent enough to obtain that cash. It’s a matter of supply and demand. Teams are aware of how desperately they need a quarterback, and this is the offseason’s top news in the NFL.



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