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Tswalu Kalahari Reserve Permits Independent Africa Exploration

Excursions at Tswalu Kalahari go far beyond the typical safari, providing private safari experiences to intrepid travelers from around the world. Tswalu is the largest private game reserve in South Africa as well as the foundation’s headquarters.

The environmental research-focused foundation joins the renowned safari camps of Tswalu in unveiling the mysteries of the Kalahari to curious visitors.

Tswalu is first and foremost an ambitious conservation effort that protects vital habitat and restores biodiversity in a sustainable manner. The ratio of guests to wilderness territory is one of the lowest in South Africa, with a maximum of 40 guests.

Each of the three safari cabins at Tswalu can accommodate a different number of guests. The organization’s most recent addition, Loapi tented camp, joins Motse and Tarkuni homestead in embracing friends, families, and children of all ages.

While the Motse and Tarkuni camps have structures approximating homes, Loapi’s tents are a significant part of its appeal.

Each of the six individual tent accommodations at the camp offers privacy and the chance to connect with the surrounding landscape.

Each camp at Loapi functions as its own microcamp, with no shared space. The tents are nestled into the ancient Korannaberg Mountains, but they are far enough apart for you to feel as though the Kalahari is yours to explore.

Each reservation at Tswalu includes a private safari vehicle, a knowledgeable guide, and a tracker. Your guide will personalize your stay to your preferences and serve as a resource for any questions or issues that may arise.

Private, protected land significantly outnumbers the company’s limited number of guests, making the Tswalu experience one of the most exclusive safaris in South Africa.

This low-impact, sustainable model of nature-based tourism is crucial for supporting the conservation efforts that are fundamental to Tswalu’s mission to leave the world in a better condition than it was found.

The Loapi Tented Camp is constructed with a site-specific, innovative design in one of Africa’s most beautiful and remote natural areas.

Each home is contemporary and modular, with glass windows, a subtle color scheme, and functional construction materials that have been meticulously paired.

Inside, you will find a space that has been thoughtfully designed to minimize your environmental impact.

The tents are spacious and furnished with a fully-stocked kitchen, bar, outdoor decks, fire pit, and plunge pool. The sleeping areas are ventilated, well-lit, and insulated against the Kalahari heat.

The expansive glass windows of each domicile overlook an undeveloped landscape. In fact, the design of the colony is such that it would leave no trace if it were relocated.

Guests lodging at Loapi or either of the other two Tswalu camps have the option to schedule their game excursions and plan their days according to their individual interests.

When exploring the Kalahari with a guide, possible activities include wildlife tracking, observing mountain zebras while enjoying a wilderness picnic, and witnessing ancient rock art at the base of the Korannaberg Mountains.

In lieu of predetermined itineraries, guests have the freedom to personalize their experience, be it accompanying researchers in the field, investigating a new corner of the Kalahari, or simply relaxing at home.

If you’ve always wished to sleep directly under the stars, you can add a sleep-out to your Tswalu stay.

The sleep-outs are located on the Naledi and Malori outdoor terraces, each of which offers the highest level of privacy. When there is nothing between you, your traveling companions, and the stars, it is inevitable that you will feel a connection to the wild and unforgettable landscape that surrounds you.

Other activities include dining at the renowned Klein Jan, horseback riding, meerkat observation, photography-focused excursions, and nature treks.

Your accommodations at Loapi include the services of a butler and chef, who, along with your guide, ensure that every aspect of your stay is immaculate.

There are options for two- and one-bedroom homes, a conservation room where visitors can learn about ongoing research projects, indoor and outdoor showers, and in-room spa treatments. This page displays Tswalu’s current prices and promotions.

If you’ve been daydreaming about an African safari, Tswalu will elevate your experience by combining luxury with an explorer’s spirit.

At Loapi, your South Africa vacation is completely customized, from your private accommodations to the itinerary you and your guide create.

Remember that choosing Tswalu for your safari not only contributes significantly to their conservation and sustainability vision, but it is also the best way to get to know the elusive Southern Kalahari landscape.



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