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Twitter vs. Instagram Reactions to the Adorable Video of a Little Girl Pampering a Boy, by Yvonne Nelson

The internet was inundated with various viewpoints after Ghanaian actress, writer, and director Yvonne Nelson tweeted a clip from her daycare, Just Like Mama.
On camera, a young girl was seen shoving other girls away from her male companion while the rest of the class watched.
Instagram users were moved by the video, and there was a heated discussion on Twitter regarding whether or not the users’ parents had given their permission.

After Yvonne Nelson posted a cute video of one of her female students at her Just Like Mama school stroking and tightly hugging another male student, several viewpoints were raised.

As the other students watched, the little girl was shown in the video pushing other young girls away while being protective of her male classmate.

The video received a lot of positive feedback on Instagram, and Twitter users expressed their opinions about it in great detail.

Students at Yvonne Nelson’s Just Like Mama school. Picture Source: @yvonnenelsongh
Instagram comments on the Just Like Mama video, source:

Many people praised the young girl who was clutching her male coworker in the comments section after the video was shared on Yvonne Nelson’s Instagram page.

Many people mentioned how she comes from a loving background and shares that with her schoolmates.

People commented on how well-adjusted she was and how kind and loving a mother she would make in the future.

Check out some of the touching remarks on the video:

As stated by majestytwins

No amount of money can sever our love.

said krymimusic

She is recreating the tenderness and love her parents show her elsewhere. Sweet brother is having fun early

Ash Karamell said:

She’s adorable and fiercely territorial.

said Janet Oguns:

All that can be seen is a loving child that was raised by her parents with a lot of affection.

Posted by damsel_cherry01

So now that my spouse and I are married, I use love to protect him from all witchcraft.

Mizz_esi left a comment:

Once I have my own man

woreessentials stated:

Kind children, lucky boy

Observed Beveliine:

Why, though, is she simply polite to the guy? Women assisting other women in the mud

The Instagram video is embedded below.

Twitter responses to the video “Just Like Mama”

On Twitter, though, there were conflicting opinions on the video. Many others were worried about whether or not their parents knew the video was being released online.

Others agreed, saying that the film was inappropriate and that the subjects were children.

See a few tweets that were quoted in the post’s comments and replies:

According to @johnstoni

Even though it’s adorable, I definitely wouldn’t want my child or son using social media without my permission. But her mother is okay with it, so let me to sit down.

Mistameister said:

Do the parents of the students accepted at your institution know that they are posted on social media?

RT @official_clev:

I’ll kill you if you expose my children in this way without my permission!

Posted by @kwadwosheldon

As usual, those dvmb @sses who have no concept what is going on but are quoting rubbish are present in the comments. You wouldn’t know because w’aden no information because the persons in the video appear to be kids and their parents may have given permission for it to be posted on this platform. But that’s the setting!

@adofo__69 left a comment:

Are you pleased with what they are doing? Ah

The footage that was tweeted is shown below.

parents of the children’s reactions

However, @ChrisDeKing, a different Twitter user, published in a twitter thread responses from the parents of the children.

On their numerous social media accounts and articles, he shared screenshots of the parents’ remarks as well as the repost.

See what their parents said below.

Clar Marie Weah, the first lady of Liberia, visits the Just Like Mama school of Yvonne Nelson.

The Liberian First Lady Clar Marie Weah visited Yvonne Nelson’s school, Just Like Mama, as previously reported by

One of the most revered people in the world, according to Ghanaians, visited the author of I Am Not Yvonne Nelson to learn more about what they do at their daycare.

As they watched Mrs. Weah tour Just Like Mama, images from her visit started to circulate on social media.

The website




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