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Two firefighters in Alabama are critically hurt after a shooting

Two firemen were wounded in a gunshot at a fire station in Birmingham, Alabama, on Wednesday, according to law enforcement officials.

According to Birmingham Police Chief Scott Thurmond, a guy or group of men shot the firefighters after entering the building through an open bay door in the morning.

The two male injured firefighters were sent to a nearby hospital for treatment.

According to authorities, the firemen were checking the fire engine and equipment at Station 9 in the Birmingham community of Norwood when the incident occurred.

Although they haven’t identified a motive for the crime, investigators do believe the shooting was targeted, according to Thurmond.

Thurmond stated, “For someone to come and target one of our fire stations is extremely unusual.”

He stated, “Our firefighters are there to protect and aid,” saying it was “very troubling, disheartening that, that would happen in our community.”

According to officials, no suspects have been detained, and the event is still being investigated.

The Birmingham Police Department wished the injured firemen a fast recovery in a statement to NBC News. Police declared, “Our hearts are with the entire Birmingham Fire and Rescue family.”



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