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US Male Nurse Converts GH142,300 Car Into Luxurious Residence to Avoid Rent

A 29-year-old male nurse, Arslan Shono, saves money by living in his vehicle to avoid paying expensive rent.
The medical technologist outfitted his 2014 Chevrolet Suburban with a bed, kitchen, portable latrine, and solar panels to make it habitable.

Arslan documented his unique lifestyle on YouTube, displaying his completely functional kitchen and ingenious storage solutions in his car.

New Jersey nurse Arslan Shono has revealed his unconventional decision to live in his car in order to avoid paying rent and tuition.

Arslan converted his 2014 Chevrolet Suburban into a suitable living space, complete with essential amenities and solar panels.

His creativity saves him millions of dollars.

According to the Daily Mail, Arslan saved a staggering KSh 2.8 million in six months while concealing his unconventional lifestyle from his coworkers.

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Arslan’s popular YouTube channel offers a glimpse into his frugal and inventive lifestyle.

In a recent video, he demonstrated the complexity of his mobile home setup.

Inside the “new home” of Arslan

The former passenger seat now houses his gym bag, toolkit, window coverings, fire extinguisher, and solar-powered batteries that provide electricity.

Arslan’s “fully operational kitchen” is one of the most notable features of his mobile residence.

It comes equipped with a mini-fridge, a sink connected to a three-gallon water canister that must be refilled frequently, and a single-burner propane stove.

The built-in shelving beneath the counter demonstrates his resourcefulness by providing additional storage options.

He installed child safety locks on the cabinets to assure driving safety.

The opposite side of the vehicle contains Arslan’s sleeping accommodations, which feature a simple yet comfortable two-by-six-foot mattress with a thickness of three inches.

Hidden storage beneath the sleeping area perfectly conceals the car’s necessary wires and his compact wardrobe.

A man constructs a residence from a shipping container.

In a distinct article, a man in his village transformed a 40-foot container into a house.

In a TikTok clip, the man, @farminginafrica_official, revealed that he installed the container on a plot of land.

He made sure other parts of the land had nature around. The man said his two rottweilers kept patrolling for him whenever he was not around.

Though the exterior was a touch rusty, the interior was well-designed with furniture and everyday home appliances.





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