What Are Houses In Florida Made Of? (We Checked)

Florida is understood for its heat, rainy local weather and widespread hurricanes, meaning its housing types, fabrics, and aesthetics mirror those prerequisites.

On this article, we can focal point at the fabrics utilized in Florida homes and why concrete and wooden are fashionable possible choices for construction houses within the state.

What Florida Properties are Made Of:

Properties in Florida focal point on typhoon resistance, aesthetics, and cooling. Maximum homes use concrete, stone, and stucco to stay the homes cool whilst using wooden and metal strengthened frames to offer protection to towards flying particles all the way through hurricanes.

Florida Housing Design Types

As a result of Florida is this kind of heat and rainy local weather, their housing types, fabrics, and aesthetics mirror that.

As an example, many homes are painted with vivid colours, comparable to white and pastel pinks and blues. This displays the solar’s warmth clear of the home and is helping keep an eye on the interior temperature.

Florida homes also are constructed with hurricanes in thoughts, such a lot of are made with sturdy concrete blocks, stones, and strengthened metal.

Moreover, Florida homes regularly have tropical landscaping, stucco siding, and that Spanish / South American aesthetic that blends smartly of their palm-tree noticed panorama. Particularly in spaces like Orlando, the place the curb enchantment is the most important for the vacationer business.

This can be a mixture of some of these designs and aesthetics that give Florida it’s distinct, colourful glance!

Why are Properties in Florida Continuously Constructed with Concrete?

Florida is a area that stories widespread hurricanes and different excessive climate prerequisites, so selecting the proper construction fabrics for homes is the most important.

Concrete, a well-liked selection for building in Florida, provides a spread of advantages, together with typhoon resistance, power potency, cost-effectiveness, and sturdiness.

Storm Resistance

Concrete’s powerful nature allows it to resist top winds and flying particles all the way through hurricanes.

They are able to even be strengthened with metal reinforcing bars, often referred to as rebar. Those are positioned throughout the concrete bureaucracy earlier than the concrete is poured.

The rebar supplies further power and stiffness to the concrete, making it extra resistant to wreck from top winds, earthquakes, and different herbal failures.

Concrete homes additionally permit for putting in hurricane-resistant options comparable to home windows and doorways that may resist affect.

Moreover, concrete is much less more likely to be afflicted by extra moisture or affects like wooden or aluminum siding, so it may last more in stormy, rainy climates.

Power Potency

Concrete is a wonderful insulator, serving to stay houses cooler within the sizzling Florida local weather and lowering power expenses.

Thermal mass is the power of a subject material to soak up and retailer warmth, which will lend a hand to keep an eye on temperature fluctuations inside of the house.

Concrete has a top thermal mass, because of this it may take in warmth all the way through the day and liberate it slowly at evening, serving to to stay the house cool all the way through sizzling climate.

Moreover, concrete partitions and flooring can also be designed with insulation, which is helping scale back warmth switch into the house.

This insulation too can lend a hand stay the house hotter all the way through cooler months by means of lowering the warmth misplaced throughout the partitions and flooring.

Value Effectiveness

Whilst the preliminary charge of creating a concrete house can also be upper than different fabrics like wooden, it may save money in the end.

Now not simplest is it higher for insulation and maintaining your own home secure from harm, termites, rot, and hearth, however it may additionally require fewer repairs prices and maintenance.

Whilst concrete houses can have a better prematurely charge than different construction fabrics, they may be able to be more cost effective over the long run because of their sturdiness and effort potency.

For house owners in Florida, the place excessive climate prerequisites may cause important harm to houses, making an investment in a concrete house is usually a sensible monetary determination.


Concrete is a extra powerful construction subject material than wooden, stone, and stucco.

Concrete is thought of as a sturdy construction subject material as it has a top compressive power, because of this it may resist heavy a lot with out cracking or breaking. It is usually resistant to fireside, water harm, and pests.

By contrast, wooden is at risk of decay, insect harm, and hearth. Stone and stucco are liable to cracking and weathering over the years.

Despite the fact that the internal partitions and a few constructions are nonetheless made from wooden and drywall, the use of concrete at the external continues to be a well-liked selection.

Why are Properties in Florida Continuously Constructed with Wooden?

Wooden is extra at risk of pests and hearth however is prettier, seems to be extra herbal, and offers your own home a standard, undying glance.

Many Florida homes nonetheless use wooden at the external, despite the fact that it’s extra not unusual to make use of wooden for inner framing and construction.

Listed below are a couple of explanation why homes are constructed with wooden in Florida:

Aesthetic Attraction

Wooden is a naturally gorgeous subject material that may make stronger the cultured enchantment of a house.

It’s flexible and can be utilized to create quite a lot of architectural types, from conventional to fresh.

Many householders in Florida respect the nice and cozy and herbal glance of wooden, which can provide a area a comfortable and alluring really feel.

Availability & Value

As a extensively to be had subject material, wooden is a handy construction subject material.

As well as, wooden is in most cases more cost effective than different building fabrics, comparable to concrete or metal.

Additionally, wooden is simple to paintings with and calls for fewer specialised gear, so that you don’t need to pay additional to paintings with concrete, metal, or stone.


Probably the most number one benefits of wooden is that this can be a renewable useful resource, because of this it may be replenished.

Not like different construction fabrics that can dissipate finite sources, wooden can be utilized indefinitely with out harming the surroundings – supplied companies use sustainable harvesting and foresting practices.

Moreover, wooden is a flexible subject material that may be minimally processed in log house structures or extremely engineered in massive manufacturing amenities, taking into account quite a lot of packages.

Developers can scale back waste and advertise sustainability by means of the use of environment friendly, sturdy, and helpful wooden merchandise.

Different Fabrics utilized in Florida Properties

Apart from wooden and urban, Florida homes have a tendency to make use of different fabrics to construct with.

Those fabrics are most commonly used for maintaining out the warmth or for his or her aesthetic enchantment.

Herbal Stone

Stone homes are nonetheless fashionable in Florida as a result of they maintain out the warmth.

As an example, many stone homes are made from limestone, granite, or slate. Those stones can stay warmth out simply as successfully as concrete.

You could possibly nonetheless want to use improve beams and insulation in lots of situations at the house’s inner to improve this, however homes in sizzling climates have a tendency to make use of stone, brick, adobe, and urban to stay the warmth out.

The issue with herbal stone is that it’s costlier than concrete and different construction fabrics. Maximum herbal stone is offered at a top rate and isn’t as simple to arrange and delivery as concrete.

Subsequently, maximum developers make a selection to move with concrete or wooden, that are the inexpensive routes.


One of the fashionable genre utilized in Florida homes, stucco is a smart subject material to make use of on your own home.

Stucco is a construction subject material constituted of a cement mix of lime, sand, and water. It’s used as an outer coat plastered onto houses and industrial companies.

There are two several types of stucco siding for your own home: conventional and synthetic.

Conventional is constituted of that actual cement combination, whilst artificial stucco is constituted of acrylic resin and glue-like polymers.

Artificial is clearly inexpensive, however conventional is much more likely to be fire-resistant. Conventional additionally seems to be higher and is much less more likely to maintain water harm.

With the exception of its hearth resistance, stucco may be extensively selected for its aesthetic enchantment. From cushy blues and pinks to earthy vegetables and browns, stucco offers your own home a herbal, terracotta-style glance.

It additionally offers it that Spanish and South American genre, which may be very fashionable in Miami and lots of portions of Florida.

Ultimate Ideas

In the end, the selection between concrete and wooden comes right down to balancing charge, sturdiness, sustainability, and aesthetic personal tastes.

Designers and developers should in moderation evaluation those components to decide probably the most appropriate subject material for his or her initiatives.

Thus, staying knowledgeable and bearing in mind all to be had choices is necessary when making subject material variety selections.

Total, in moderation bearing in mind subject material variety in Florida housing design is the most important for attaining sustainable, sturdy, and cost-effective housing answers.


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