What It Means to Have a Full-Functioned Type-C Port on Your Laptop

  • In case your pc has a full-functioned Sort-C port, that implies you’ll be able to use that unmarried port to switch information, audio, video, and tool.
  • Maximum full-functioned Sort-C ports may have a singular lightning bolt image subsequent to them.
  • You can additionally want a USB-C Thunderbolt 3 cable or higher to make use of the entire options of a full-functioned Sort C port.

It doesn’t matter what logo of pc you have got, chances are high that that it has a USB-C port. USB-C cables can do just about the rest you would ever want a cable for, and maximum new merchandise in finding a way to make use of them.

However no longer all USB-C cables or ports are created equivalent. If you wish to get probably the most from your units, you can want a full-functioned Sort-C port.

Complete-functioned Sort-C ports can switch chronic, audio, video, and knowledge on the similar time

Prior to now, if you happen to sought after to rate your pc, attach it to some other observe, and use a USB flash force, you would want 3 other cables, and no less than 3 other ports to plug them into.

USB-C cables clear up the primary factor. A unmarried more moderen USB-C cable can switch chronic to rate your pc, audio and video to attach it with some other show, and knowledge for a USB flash force.

However in terms of the ports, issues get trickier. Now not all USB-C ports can deal with all that. Some can handiest rate, or handiest switch information, and so forth.

That is why you want a full-functioned (also known as full-featured) Sort-C port. Those ports can deal with chronic, audio, video, and knowledge — and they may be able to transmit all of them on the similar time.

Two Type-C ports on the side of a Macbook, with a USB-C cable laying nearby.

In case your pc handiest has USB-C ports, chances are high that that they are full-functioned.


At the moment, maximum mid-range and high-end laptops will have to have no less than one full-functioned port. There is a excellent probability that each and every Sort-C port they have got is full-functioned.

Nonetheless, before you purchase a brand new pc, you will have to double-check what each and every port can do.

Some great benefits of a full-functioned Sort-C port

The largest receive advantages to full-functioned Sort-C ports is they can help you do extra with much less ports on a unmarried laptop. Much less ports way thinner and lighter units, each precious qualities for a pc.

It additionally way much less confusion. You do not have to fret about having the precise cable for the precise state of affairs, and also you do not have to spend time searching for the precise proper port to plug it into.

And naturally, with the ability to transmit the whole thing immediately saves time too.

How one can inform in case your pc has full-functioned Sort-C ports

Your pc’s handbook will most likely say what you’ll be able to use its USB-C ports for. But when it does not, there are a couple of simple tactics to inform whether or not you have got a full-functioned port.

Originally, in case you are the usage of a Home windows pc, verify to peer in case your USB-C port has a lightning bolt image subsequent to it. If it does, it helps no less than Thunderbolt 3 cables, meaning that it’s full-functioned. If all you notice is a “D” image or a battery image, it is most likely no longer full-functioned.

A Thunderbolt 3-compatible port on the side of a PC laptop.

The Thunderbolt brand implies that it is full-functioned.

William Antonelli/Insider

In case you are the usage of a Home windows pc and it does not have any type of image subsequent to the USB-C ports, chances are high that that they are no longer full-functioned both. The one technique to inform is to take a look at and fasten the pc to a USB-C observe, or verify the handbook.

There don’t seem to be just about as many several types of Mac laptops, so it is more uncomplicated to inform whether or not a MacBook has a full-functioned Sort-C port.

Click on the Apple brand within the top-left nook of your Mac’s display, then click on About This Mac. A small window will pop up telling you what sort of Mac you have got, and it will even inform you what sort of ports it has.

The “About This Mac” menu on a MacBook, with the model type highlighted.

Thunderbolt 3 ports are full-functioned.

Apple; William Antonelli/Insider

In a different way, verify this chart to inform whether or not your MacBook has a full-functioned Sort-C port:

You can nonetheless want the precise USB-C cable

USB-C cables had been round for nearly a decade now, and they have got progressed so much in that point. However in case you are nonetheless the usage of the similar USB-C cable you’ve gotten had since 2014, you can most likely wish to improve.

Older or less expensive USB-C cables cannot switch sufficient chronic to rate a pc, despite the fact that it is on power-saving mode. In case you attempt to plug a vulnerable USB-C cable into your pc to rate it, you can most likely get an error message telling you that the wattage is not proper.

An error message in Windows 10 telling the user that their charger’s wattage is too low.

Dell laptops have a particular error message for vulnerable charging cables.

Dell; William Antonelli/Insider

And in case you are seeking to attach your pc without delay to a projector or some other observe, for example, you want a USB-C Thunderbolt 3 cable or higher. In a different way, you will have to use a separate cable to transform between USB-C and HDMI or VGA.

The 2 very best sorts of USB-C cables on sale these days are Thunderbolt 4 and USB4. In case you are purchasing new USB-C cables to suit your pc, attempt to get a cable that fits the ones specs.

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