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When to Season Scrambled Eggs with Salt

There is much debate regarding the optimal time to add salt to scrambled eggs. Some individuals season them at the table. Some chefs and amateur cooks prefer to salt the eggs after they have begun cooking. To achieve tender, melt-in-your-mouth eggs, however, it is best to salt them slowly prior to heating.

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In fact, although chef Gordon Ramsay may disagree, Kenji López-Alt of Serious Eats recommends adding salt to eggs well before they reach the pan:

Despite folk wisdom, salting your scrambled eggs before cooking them will result in more tender eggs, as salt dissolves proteins and allows them to create a moisture-binding network. Beat your eggs with salt 15 minutes before cooking for the best results.


López-Alt has used thousands of eggs in his cooking experiments, so it is fair to say he is an expert. Try this method out the next time you’re preparing brunch.

Two or three large eggs should be scrambled in a measuring cup or basin. Add approximately one-eighth of a teaspoon of salt to the eggs and vigorously whisk them. Allow the eggs to remain covered at room temperature for approximately 15 minutes.

The equipment necessary for a successful morning of egg scrambling is:

After a few moments, you may observe a subtle shift in color to a more saturated yellow or a slightly looser consistency. That is anticipated. As usual, scramble the eggs in a sauté pan and savor the delectable results. Or, if you prefer your scrambled eggs to have a more custard-like consistency, try adding some milk and cornstarch.



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