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Where To Find The Pizza Planet Truck From Pixar’s Elemental

Elemental incorporates a Pizza Planet truck Easter egg to continue the well-known Pixar tradition. Here is where you can find the Toy Story vehicle.

In Elemental, the iconic Pizza Planet truck Easter egg reappears in two distinct scenes with design modifications to match the film’s world.

Ember first observes a Treeyota resembling a Pizza Planet delivery vehicle while riding her moped in Firetown. The second is outside the Element City apartment of Wade’s family, where a yellow boat stands out.

Finding the Pizza Planet truck in Pixar films has been a longstanding tradition, and the presence of the Pizza Planet truck in Elemental affirms the enduring tradition that fans anticipate in every new release.

Here is where you can locate the Pizza Planet truck in Elemental, continuing Pixar’s most recognizable Easter egg tradition. The animated film of 2023 is the most recent production from the animation studio that revolutionized the animated film industry with Toy Story.

The majority of Pixar’s 27 films over the past nearly three decades have been based on original concepts and environments that explore profound human themes and emotions.

In addition to setting high standards for the quality of their films, Pixar has an entertaining tradition of including the Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story as an Easter egg.

Finding the iconic yellow and white vehicle in each and every Pixar film has become a fan favorite. Pixar has continued to up the ante in terms of how difficult it is to locate the vehicle in their films, as opposed to other studios who simply display it.

This may involve placing the Pizza Planet truck in the background of quick photos or altering its appearance.

Elemental is no exception, and the film’s exclusive theatrical release can make it more difficult to survey the background of each scene without pausing to locate the truck. Consequently, the following is the location of Elemental’s Pizza Planet truck Easter egg.

Which Elemental Scenes Does the Pizza Planet Truck Contain?

Elemental Pizza Planet Boat Truck

The Pizza Planet truck appears in two separate scenes as an Easter egg in Elemental. In the scene where Ember cycles her moped around Firetown to make deliveries, the first iteration of the iconic vehicle can be seen. She briefly gets stuck behind a Treeyota before passing it to surpass her father’s record time.

The Treeyota may not resemble a Pizza Planet delivery truck, but it is intended to be a version of the vehicle that suits Elemental’s universe. Other design elements are retained to bring the Toyota pickup truck to life in a new fashion, despite the absence of the typical yellow coloring.

The second time the Pizza Planet truck appears in Elemental is approximately midway through the film. Ember’s mother follows her to Element City after Ember departs Fire City to meet Wade and have dinner with his family.

In Elemental, the Pizza Planet truck is visible when Ember’s mother Cinder begins to approach the massive apartment structure. It appears in the background of the photograph.

Now that Elemental is available on Disney Plus and viewers know where to search, it is much simpler to locate.

How Elemental Modifies the Design of the Pizza Planet Truck

Treeyota’s Pizza Planet Truck, an Element

Pixar decided to alter the design of the Pizza Planet truck for the Elemental appearances. This was done so that the lorry would more closely resemble the vehicles in Element City. The van seen in Firetown is more reminiscent of a log delivery truck than a pizza delivery vehicle. However, the intent of the design modifications allows for a comparison to the Pizza Planet truck. A familiar “How’s my driving?” bumper decal is also included.

Clearly a Pizza Planet vehicle, the yellow vessel with the white and red rocket seen in front of Wade’s family’s apartment is a boat, not a truck.

This makes logic considering the vehicle is in the Water District and is using water for transportation instead of roads.

It is probable that this Pizza Planet boat can still deliver to all of Element City, as the conclusion of Elemental does feature vehicles that resemble boats but have wheels for land travel.

Pixar has previously modified the Pizza Planet truck, such as when Luca transforms it into a three-wheeled Piaggio Ape, but this is the first time it has been transformed into a watercraft.

The Pizza Planet Truck in Elemental is Pixar’s longest-running Easter Egg tradition.

Knowing where to locate the Pizza Planet truck in Elemental indicates that Pixar’s longest-running trend of Easter eggs is still in effect. The emblematic Toy Story vehicle has appeared in every Pixar film in some capacity.

Even as the animation studio evolves and transforms, it’s always wonderful to see a nod to the film that helped launch the empire.

The fact that Elemental is Pixar’s 27th film does not alter this fact. It makes the streak even more remarkable and gives audiences something to look out for in future films.




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