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Why Daniel Levy needs to Sell Harry Kane this summer

This summer, Harry Kane has been linked with a move away from Tottenham (Photo: Getty).

“I don’t want to have any regrets at the end of my career.” Harry Kane, May 21, 2021

Said as the forward attempted to negotiate a transfer from Tottenham Hotspur to Manchester City via that revealing interview with Gary Neville on the analyst’s Overlap YouTube program.

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Kane appeared to be referring to remorse over not having won any trophies in his career—a distinct possibility of remaining at his boyhood club. Considering the current state of affairs, Kane may be remorseful that he did not attempt to leave the club sooner.

The latest development in what has become the longest transfer dispute in history, this one emanating from the United States, is that Joe Lewis, the owner of Tottenham, has instructed Spurs chairman Daniel Levy to prevent Kane from leaving on a free transfer in the summer of 2019. Either sign Kane to a new contract immediately—with a reported offer of £400,000 per week on the table—or allow him to depart.

While Levy gives off the impression that he has never regretted a decision he has ever made, nor does he intend to start regretting anything now, Lewis, the 86-year-old British billionaire, is beginning to feel a little uneasy about the possibility that his football club will miss out on an £80 million cash injection for its most successful academy player ever if his chairman does not see sense.

In July, Chelsea saw the light when they regretfully agreed to sell Mason Mount to Manchester United for £55 million plus £5 million in add-ons. Mount’s departure had been made plain to the club for this summer or next, and Chelsea chairman Todd Boehly was not willing to lose a highly regarded academy product for nothing. The business rationale is transparent.

Influenced from above, the change in Kane’s circumstances appears to have piqued United’s interest again after they initially balked at Levy’s demands of more than £100 million.

You can see why: regardless of how great Kane is, he is still 29 years old and has only one year remaining on his contract.

According to Levy, there has always been a “Premier League Premium” for selling Kane to a domestic rival, and Bayern Munich spotted an opening in Germany.

The player appeared to rule out a move abroad, recalling that pivotal moment in 2021 with Kane’s lengthy withdrawal from the club and those early attempts to free himself from Levy’s strangely and deceptively strong grip.

“I never said I would play for Spurs for the rest of my career, and I never said I would quit Spurs, but I feel like I have another career ahead of me. Seven to eight years remain for me in the Premier League, he said.

This perspective appears to have been beaten out of him by Levy’s exhaustively tough—nearly impossible—negotiating posture, with Kane now eager to join any club that can offer him the prospect of domestic or international trophies.

Kane is the Spurs’ all-time leader in goals scored with 280 (Photo: Getty).

When City inquired about purchasing Kane in 2020, Kane’s camp believed he had a “gentleman’s agreement” with Levy, illustrating how frustrating the process has been. The expectation was that he would accept that now was not the appropriate time but that he would be permitted to leave a year later. A year later, when City approached him again, it was speculated that Levy had only consented to consider offers, not to release him.

It is the type of semantic ambiguity that seems implausible for multimillion-pound business deals but is quite common in football.

Kane expected Levy to eventually retrieve the key from his safe and unlock the striker’s shackles after a couple of seasons of gritting his teeth. Only Levy appears unable to understand that Kane can leave the Premier League for any team or for a fee that nobody will realistically pay.

The Spurs will be unable to replace Kane, which is acceptable. This caliber of athlete is simply out of reach for a club with their financial means. But that does not preclude them from moving on.

They have a new manager, Ange Postecoglou, with new ideas, and, with the inevitable approaching next year regardless, it is probably the right time to shape the team’s future without the player on whom everything has been based for nearly a decade.

Sometimes it is difficult to let go. Especially relinquishing someone Levy and Spurs have cherished so deeply. However, the Spurs chairman must now take this action, or everyone will be plagued with regret.



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