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You Can Now Share Your Screen During WhatsApp Video Calls.

WhatsApp is gradually incorporating features to directly contend with more robust video-calling applications such as FaceTime and Google Meet. The next time you use WhatsApp to conduct a video call with up to 32 participants, you’ll have the option to share your screen, regardless of whether you’re using the iPhone, Android, or Windows app. (There are currently no updates on the Mac application’s status.)

Depending on the platform, the functionality provides varied benefits. On an iPhone or Android, it can be a wonderful way to quickly share something amusing or troubleshoot a problem by displaying your screen.

On Windows, however, this transforms into something much larger. Already, numerous small enterprises and teams use WhatsApp groups for work. With a few taps, they can now access straightforward screen sharing during group calls.

After initiating a video call or a conference call, the precise steps may vary depending on the platform you employ, but the process begins in any case. You’ll find a new Screen Sharing button in the toolbar at the bottom, alongside the buttons for switching cameras and terminating the call. When you select the option, the OS-native screen-sharing feature will appear. Tap through the pop-ups on your device to give WhatsApp permission to share your screen.

Once enabled, the video view will be substituted by a preview of the shared screen. When you exit the app, a suspended view of the live video call will appear, and whatever is on your screen will be shared during the call. If you prefer a wider frame for mobile screen sharing, simply rotate your smartphone to landscape mode.

After completion, you can rejoin the call. To terminate the screen sharing, tap the Stop Sharing button.




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