Zukerberg’s Metaverse is Aborted – Investment Watch

by means of Chris Black

>$24,000,000,000 down the drain

>Microsoft pulls out from Metaverse

>Echo VR close down

>Crayta close down

>Metaverse avatars nonetheless don’t have legs

>Fb will center of attention on copying ChatGTP AI as a substitute

Actually no standard particular person ever sought after the VR meme.

 The true factor that can almost definitely catch on when 6G brings gigabit speeds and ultralow latency for everybody at all times is augmented reality- getting various kinds of overlay on actuality.

 It may additionally simply combine commercials inside of overlays for money technology with out being too glaring since actuality is already full of commercials.

 The entire Pokemon Move fad confirmed the prospective, not like maximum VR shit which has been on existence enhance and burning undertaking capital and Zucc money to stick afloat because the starting.

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